[BANDUNG] Rumah Lezat Simplisio Karapitan Bandung

February 26th, 2016. I heard about a restaurant that served food from around the world a couple years ago. It was built by 2 people that love food as much as they love each other. Yes. You must ever heard about Chef Ario and Chef Lissa. Those passionate people managed a place to create their passion. Rumah Lezat Simplisio.


I couldn’t take many pictures because it’s already dark and too many people there. So, just a couple photos. Please enjoy my simple review ya. ūüôā

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The Menu


Dutch Cheese Bitterballen 18k

It’s a meatball with melted cheese. Crispy outside-moist and tasty inside. Most favourite in Simplisio. Actually we didn’t order this, but they served the bitterballen for us. “While waiting for your order, you shall eat this.” OMG! So generous, right? I love them, already. Hahaha.. It’s really good. Melt in my mouth.


Sake/Salmon Furai Baked Sushi 37k

Baked sushi with ebi furai as the filling. Served with mayonnaise, tamago, kyuuri, tanuki, simplisio sauce with melted cheese inside and outside. Well, look at the sushi. It was mouthwatering, right? I loved it!!! Well, we loved it LOL. Yup, I ordered this for our appetizer.


Gambian African Domada Rice Bowl / Gambian Peanut Stew (With Buttered Rice) 40k

Buttered rice bowl from Africa. It’s a beef cooked with onion, white bean and peanut butter sauce from Gambia. At first, I thought it will be super weird. Well, rice, beef and peanut butter. OMG! One spoonful and I didn’t wanna share it with any other person, even my hubby hahaha.. The beef was very tender and juicy. The buttered rice was savoury and tasty. And the peanut butter sauce was superb. It’s my order. Recommended!


Filipino Tapsilog 37k

Tapsilog = Tapa (Dried Beef), Sinangag (Fried Rice), Itlog (Fried Egg). It’s savoury Philipine’s fried rice with sweet smokey grilled beef. Bestseller! The dried beef was delicious, tender and juicy. The fried rice was excellent. Flavourful and savoury. It’s my hubby’s order. Well, fried rice will always be favourite dish to everybody.

Tapa is dried or cured beef, mutton or venison, although other meat or even fish may be used. Filipinos prepare tapa by using thin slices of meat and curing these with salt and spices as a preservation method.

Sinangag or garlic fried rice is a Philippine variant of fried rice made with garlic. It is cooked by adding stir-fried garlic to rice and then seasoning the mixture with salt and pepper. Vegetables, meats, and other ingredients may be added but it is generally left bare, because other ingredients may interfere with the flavour of the meat dish eaten with the fried rice. 


Mie Hongkong Simplisio (with ayam kecap) 38k

It’s one of bestsellers too in Simplisio. Love the texture of the noodle. Served with sweet soy chicken and no spicy of course. Well, you can choose the taste of your noodle, the topping, and the spiciness level. It’s actually a complimentary from those lovely people.


After those delicious food, they didn’t let us to pay anything. OMG! They said, “You can pay on your next visit!” Ok, I will be back, for more food. LOL. Wait for us!!!

Rumah Lezat Simplisio
Jl. Karapitan No. 45A
Phone: 0859-5671-8249
IG: @simplisiogroup
IG: @jajakanberdua

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