Chir Chir Indonesia Pantai Indah Kapuk PIK Jakarta

March 8th, 2016. I went to Pantai Indah Kapuk because I had an invitation there at night. I went earlier and made appointment with my friend to have lunch at one of the newest restaurant there. I heard it was one of the popular restaurant in Singapore, but my friend told me that it was originated from Korea. In PIK, it’s their first outlet in Indonesia. Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory.

Originating from Seoul, the Chir Chir (pronounced Chi-Re Chi-Re) chain is South Korea’s largest chain of restaurants, known for its signature freshly-cooked Korean chicken dishes. The chain’s focus on great taste, value and service has allowed it to grow into one of the largest “Chimaek” franchises in South Korea with over 100 stores and new store openings in China and Taiwan. Chir Chir’s success in Korea is largely attributed to its unique menu. It constantly strives to bring something new to the table, especially for customers who have grown accustomed to the taste of typical Korean chicken and is now ready for a great-tasting twist to the chicken craze.


Located at Rukan Garden House PIK, Chir Chir (pronounced Chi-re Chi-re) is very cute as it has the appearance of chicken coop. When I stepped my foot inside, it was even cuter inside with a very large chicken and eggs attached to the wall, and everything else. Let me show you what I captured inside. 🙂

IMG_3559 IMG_3560 IMG_3563IMG_3566IMG_3568IMG_3570IMG_3571

The Menu


Crispy Fried Tenders 139k

Boneless chicken tenders fried in Chir Chir’s special batter.

Always love boneless dish LOL. And the fried chicken was also tender, juicy and well-seasoned. And I really love their sauce. Finger-licking good. It’s not super duper good, but it’s good. I guess every one has their own taste. Some people will love it, definitely. By the way, they have claw shaped metal clip as their signature thing to pick the chicken.

IMG_3572 IMG_3584 IMG_3583

Nest Snow 159k

Juicy chicken tenders with cajun seasoning, topped with rich cream sauce and sweet salad. A delicious new recipe!

People said it’s their signature. It’s a new way to enjoy the chicken. Swirled with fresh whipped cream and spicy cajun chicken in the nest. That’s why they called it Nest Snow. And yes, it’s also boneless. Actually the whipped cream was a little bit too sweet for me. But overall it’s quite addicting. I couldn’t stop dip the chicken to the sauce. Must-try, I guess.


My friend said that it’s cheaper than in Singapore. So, yeah, worth to try, even though it’s still a little bit pricey to me. But yeah, the portion was big enough for sharing with your best friends or family. Try it and tell me what do you think.

Chir Chir Indonesia
Rukan Garden House B20
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Penjaringan, Kapuk Muara
Jakarta 14470
IG: @chirchirindonesia