The Cup Rice and Noodle Mall Kelapa Gading Jakarta

March 9th, 2016. After a food tasting in Kelapa Gading area, me and my fellow from #DailyFoodSeeker continued our food journey to Mall Kelapa Gading. Wow, it’s so hard to find parking area at the mall. We spent almost half an hour, I guess. Good thing, after our patience, finally, a parking lot. And we walked to Gading Walk to where we wanted to eat. A new branch of one of our favourite place that I tried last year in PIK. You can read about the previous review HERE. The Cup Rice and Noodle.


Located in Gading Walk area, The Cup is very easy to find because the white and green colour they used in their design. They have 2 areas, inside and outside. Smoking area, of course, on the outside. And yes, we sat outside for a better light. By the way, I loved their dessert but it’s my first time trying their food. But first, let me show you around, before we talked about the food.

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Cheese Dakgalbi 75k

Deep marinated Korean spicy-chicken with assorted vegetables and ramyeon topped with generous mozzarella cheese.

When this dish presented on the table, I was like, “OMG! Cheese! Chicken! Ramyeon!” The mozzarella cheese was indeed generous with soft and moist texture. The chicken was tender and well-seasoned. And the texture of the ramyeon was perfect. But, the best thing about this dish was the moment when you pull the cheese and it was very mouth-watering. Made me drooling right away.

Dak galbi, also romanized dalk galbi, is a popular Korean dish generally made by stir-frying marinated diced chicken in a gochujang based sauce, and sliced cabbage, sweet potato, scallions, onions, perilla leaves, and tteok together on a hot plate.

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Kimchi Ramyeon 39k

Traditional Korean spicy and sour Kimchi stew with ramyeon noodle.

I never liked kimchi, but after I tried this kimchi ramyeon, it was very addicting. It’s not spicy or tasted weird at all. It was delicious!!! I wanna eat it again and again. OMG! As I write about this dish, I’m drooling. The texture of the ramyeon was superb. The Kimchi stew was warm, hearty, spicy *but not too spicy*, and of course savoury. And yes, it will be perfect when you can eat it with warm rice. LOL.

Kimchi, also spelled kimchee or gimchi, is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings.

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Kimchi Fried Rice with Ham 65k

Traditional hot and spicy kimchi fried rice with special ham, fresh vegetables and sliced eggs.

I love rice with ham. LOL. The kimchi fried rice smelled so good with delicious taste. Paired with generous flavourful ham and sliced eggs. The rice was a mild spicy, that’s why I could really enjoy the dish. I like the ham. It was appetizing with great texture. Recommended for fried rice lovers.

Kimchi bokkeumbap is a variety of bokkeumbap, a popular dish in Korea. Its name literally translates as “kimchi fried rice”.

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Haemul Pajeon 59k

Korean style pancake with fresh green onions and assorted seafood.

It’s a pancake in Korean style. The assorted seafood were so generous and very tasty. The pancake had a great texture. Cripsy on the outer layer and soft on the inside. Great dish for eating it with rice or just for snacking. But, this wasn’t my favourite. I prefer the ramyeon LOL.

IMG_3715 IMG_3721

Cheese Tteokbokki 75k

Sweet and spicy Korean rice cake with fresh vegetables, fish cakes, eft and topped with Mozzarella Cheese.

Consists of rice cake or tteok, fish cakes, egg with sweet spicy Korean sauce. Served with mozzarella cheese. Love the tteok as it was very chewy and easy to eat. The cheese was so generous and went well with the sweet yet spicy sauce that you got from the dish. I tell you, this was one of the best tteokbokki dish.


Dak Gangjeong (Spicy) 68k

Perfectly deep fried farm fresh boneless chunky chicken cube battered in CHEF signature spicy sauce.

Coated with spicy sweet sauce with crunch crunch from the peanut, this dish was incredibly delicious. The chicken was boneless and well-seasoned. Actually they have 2 type. Spicy or sweet. But they said, spicy is more delicious. So, yeah I tried the spicy one. It’s not that spicy, so I agree. I prefer the spicy one than the sweet one.

IMG_3714 IMG_3719

Cheese Kimchi Jeon 55k

Korean style pan fried kimchi pancake with generous mozzarella cheese on top.

My least favourite. It’s too fishy for me.


One of the best restaurant I’ve ever tried. They have a comfortable place, delicious food, friendly service and out-of-this-world desserts. Try this restaurant, and you will come home with a happy tummy and happy face.

The Cup Rice and Noodle
Mall Kelapa Gading
Gading Walk
Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Phone: 021-29704981
IG: @thecup_id