[BALI] Petitenget Restaurant & Bar Seminyak Bali

January 19th, 2016. We arrived at a cafe in Petitenget. I heard it’s quite famous in Bali. Ah by the way, it’s called PETITENGET. *big grin*

Since opening in 2012 PETITENGET has established itself as a food destination in the culinary scene in Bali. Our commitment to adapting our menu with locally sourced produces is reflected in our FARM TO FORK philosopy. Set up in Kintamani, Bali our organic farm supplies up to 80% of the produce used in our kitchen. In Petitenget we believe farm-to-fork dishes just taste better than others and we offer an honest and real approach to sustainable and chemical free experience from the seed to your plate.


Located in Petitenget street *well, what do you expect? LOL* it’s really eye-catching with the PETITENGET signage in the facade of the cafe. It has 2 areas and of course the outside for smoking area. We sat outside because it had natural light, of course. So, when I wanted cooler situation, I went inside hahahaha.. It’s really hot there *wiping sweat*

IMG_2139 IMG_2143 IMG_2141 IMG_2146 IMG_2142 IMG_2147 IMG_2140 IMG_2154 IMG_2150 IMG_2151 IMG_2148 IMG_2168 IMG_2149

The Menu


Mix Fresh Juices 35k

IMG_2159 IMG_2161 IMG_2163

Cafe Latte 35k

IMG_2165 IMG_2164

Overall, the place is lovely. I didn’t try the food because after this place we’re gonna eat somewhere else. So, just the drinks, for a hot day. And it was worth it. You should go there for capturing beautiful photos. It was one adorable place.

Jl. Petitenget 40X
Seminyak, Bali
Phone: 0361-473 3054
IG: @petitengetbali

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