[BANDUNG] Noah’s Barn Coffeenery Dayang Sumbi Bandung

January 8th, 2016. I heard about Noah’s Barn Coffeenery last year, I think. Some people said it was good. Beautiful place with gorgeous view. I was curious. I asked my hubby to go there. So, there we were. At the second outlet of Noah’s Barn Coffeenery.

Noah’s Barn was founded in July 2012 in Bandung, West Java. Pioneering the concept of specialty coffee in Bandung, with a small communal joint, designed to focus on sharing exceptional quality coffees. We make sure every cup is handcrafted with passion and precision to deliver the maximum satisfaction level to our customers. Since day one, we strongly believed in providing our customers with high quality products and service. As we grow, we opened our second branch and therefore have expanded our menu to offer greater varieties of products.


The first time you came to the place, you’ll be amazed by the view. It’s lovely with beautiful little garden in front to the place. They have indoor and outdoor. The indoor was just like any other restaurant. Nothing special. But the outdoor is definitely a prettier place to take pictures. Yeah, true, it’s hot. But it’s so beautiful. You will feel so comfortable, you don’t want to go home.

IMG_1171 IMG_1172 IMG_1173 IMG_1174 IMG_1184 IMG_1178 IMG_1182 IMG_1179

The Menu


Lychee Passion 32k

It was a very beautiful drink. I think if love has a form, it will be like this. Tasted so refreshing with sweet and a hint of tangy flavour. They put basil seeds in it. Two benefits: for more beautiful drink and for a healthy drink. 😀


Oxtail Soup 70k

The oxtail soup was different. It’s already seasoned with sauce. They served it with a bowl of broth. Served separately. At first, I thought, “It must be weird. I will hate it. OMG. Definitely hate it. Why I should order this one? Why oh Why?” Yup, I was crazy. LOL. Then I tried it a spoonful, and I was very relieved. It was delicious!! Yaaaaaaay. The flavour was very rich with hearty texture. Love it.


So happy that I came to this place. It stole my heart right after I saw the place. Definitely will be back to try another food. It completed me. I got good mood, good food, good photos at one place. See you soon, Noah’s Barn.


Noah’s Barn Coffeenery
Jl. Dayang Sumbi No.2 Coblong
Bandung 40132
Phone: (022) 8252-6451
IG: @noahsbarn