[BANDUNG] Blue Doors Gandapura Bandung

January 8th, 2016. Finally I went to Blue Doors at Gandapura street. It’s easy if you pay attention to the number. 61. But if you try to find the name Blue Doors, good luck!! So, when you go to Gandapura street, find the big number 61, and voila you will find Blue Doors beside it. I forgot to take picture of the number. LOL. And yes, the doors were blue. Hahaha..

IMG_1154 IMG_1153

They have indoor and outdoor area. Actually I prefer the indoor because it was hot outside, but for a brighter photo, I chose outside. When I looked at the place, I thought, “What a cute place. Such a hidden gem.” It’s not very big place. But it’s comfortable enough to sit and chit chat with your loved ones. Rustic ambiance with simple touch of simplicity.

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Fresh Orange Juice 35k

I don’t have to say anything. You can see by yourself, how fresh the orange juice. It’s quite hot at the time, that’s why I ordered this one. They didn’t have many drinks, except for coffee. So yeah, I tried this one, and didn’t feel sorry at all.


Matcha Latte 30k

Wow! This is what we call matcha. It’s sweet and bitter with earthy flavour. But actually I prefer a sweeter taste for my matcha latte. 🙂 It’s enhanced the richness of the matcha. For me. Because I knew some people that prefer it’s bitter.


Banana Bread 24k

Love it. The caramel sauce was sweet. The texture was perfectly pillowy-soft. It’s so tender and shiny. Nothing warms the heart like a slice of just-out-of-the-oven banana bread. Ugh, wish for more like this.


One of the best coffee shop in Bandung, I guess. Definitely a keeper!

Blue Doors
Jl. Gandapura 61
Bandung 40113
IG: @blue_doors

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