ST. ALi Coffee Shop Setiabudi 2 Building Jakarta

February 1st, 2016. I knew that ST. ALi will open in Setiabudi 2, but I didn’t know when. So, this morning, when my sister wanted to go there, I was like talking to myself, “I should go there! I should go there!” And around 2pm, Hans texted me. “I want to go to ST. ALi, meet me there.” Booyaaaaah!!


Like the discovery of most commodities, coffee was highly prized, mostly misunderstood and appreciated for its medicinal purposes. We’re talking about the 15th century, here. Fast-forward a few hundred years past the Y2K and you’ll see the beginnings of the ST. ALi Family in South Melbourne in 2005 placing a strong ethos on quality beans and unique brewing methods. Yes, we take our coffee very seriously – serious enough to be named one of the most pretentious things ever in a Buzzfeed listicle in 2013.

2016 is a big year for ST ALi were going global and Jakarta is our first stop.

I knew from Hans that ST. ALi is in partnership with Common Grounds. But, to be honest, I prefer this place than CG. It doesn’t have AC but it’s really cool because it’s quite open-air. Comfortable with spacious area. You have to see by yourself to feel what I felt. Well, let me show you the ambiance there, and enjoy my simple review.

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The Menu


Iced Chocolate 50k and Iced Cold Latte 45k

Love the iced chocolate. Not too creamy. Quite dark. It’s Valrhona, guys!! I didn’t try the latte. But I heard it’s good. And I love the bottle. Too bad, I forgot to take it home. *sigh*


Flat White 45k

I tried this one, and I could say that it’s safe for my tummy. Velvety.



The Fat Boy 140k

2 fried eggs, sausage, bacon, potato hash, mushrooms and toast.

The sausage was very eye-catching LOL. It was so big. Not long. Big. Yup, very big. OK, please stop talking about the sausage. Hahaha. The fried eggs were half-cooked. Perfectly. The bacon was crispy. And funny thing, I love the potato hash. I wasn’t a fan of potato hash. But this potato hash, I have no idea why, I love it. Definitely recommended dish if you wanna eat big sausage. LOL Attention Please!! Back to the sausage. Hahahahahaha..



The World Famous ST. ALi Steak Sandwich 175k

Australian sirloin steak with smoked onion, seeded mustard mayonnaise, pickled beetroot, mixed leaves and Emmental cheese with French fries.

When they called it the world famous steak sandwich, I got my own standards. Good thing, the sirloin steak was delicious. The meat was tender and adorable. Paired it with emmental cheese, marvelous.



Sticky Pork Salad 100k

With chili cashews, cucumber kimchi, crispy shallots, coriander and kemangi dressing.

I love the pork. OMG! It’s fatty! I didn’t really like the vegetables LOL. But I finished all the pork. Tasted very good with sticky texture from the sauce. A little bit spicy but I didn’t care. They were beautifully tender and juicy. Well, it’s salad but served as a meal. By the way, we met Talitha there and we recommended this one to her. *wink wink*


Congratulations ST. ALi for your first outlet in Jakarta. WELCOME! Definitely I will be back again and again. Beautiful place will always be my favourite.

Setiabudi 2 Building, 1 A Floor,
Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav 62
IG: @st_ali


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