[BANDUNG] CUPS {Coffee & Kitchen} Trunojoyo Bandung

January 8th, 2016. Yaaay Bandung, here we come!! Finally I could review my cafe hopping in Bandung. It’s almost a month yaaaa. Huft. So busy with food and hotel reviews lately. First destination. CUPS {Coffee&Kitchen} at Trunojoyo street. It’s a really nice place. It’s easy to find, just use your google maps. Very very easy.


CUPS is quite big with cute ambiance. You got the feeling when you come in. Sometimes a place can be so intimidating. But CUPS is faaaaar away from intimidating LOL. I think you can call it: homey.

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Red Velvet Latte 26k

A little bit pinkish, not red. Tasted okay. Not very special.


Iced Chocolate 27k

LOVE IT. The Ice chocolate was delicious. My hubby was a fanatic of iced chocolate. He has his delicious standard for his iced chocolate. It’s one of the best, he said to me. 🙂


Peeta’s Breakfast 60k

A large breakfast hash of potatoes, sausages, mushrooms and red paprika topped with cheese sauce and served with sunny side up and grilled pita bread.

Pretty presentation with delicious taste. I like the potatoes *stunning, right?* well because I prefer rice than potato. The sausages were amazingly delicious. And of course the sunny side up was the one that stealing my heart. It’s large, indeed. So if you haven’t had your breakfast, just order this one and full your tummy.


If you’re in Bandung, don’t hesitate to come here. Comfortable place with friendly gesture from the people. Cusssssss.. LOL.

CUPS {Coffee&Kitchen}
Jalan Trunojoyo No 25
Phone: 022-42690182
IG: @cupscoffeeshop

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