Ruci’s Joint Suryo Senopati Jakarta

January 3rd, 2016. Leo and I spent one lovely Sunday together. We were very tired after having great laughs and great talks. So, we were looking for some place cozy and comfortable. And we stranded at Ruci’s Joint.

IMG_1045 IMG_1042

Located at Suryo street Senopati, Ruci’s Joint offers a place with several tenants. There’re Trim Eats, Health & Co., Umabo, Nebula, Chizukek, Gglato and Lachlan’s Lasagnas. We had already eaten so I just ordered from Nebula. Sorry for other tenants. I will try you guys next time ya hahaha. Now let me show you around the place.

IMG_1035 IMG_1038 IMG_1037 IMG_1057 IMG_1055 IMG_1039


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Nebula Seni

IMG_1030 IMG_1031 IMG_1034

Hot Latte 35k


Thai Fried Rice Crispy Pork Belly 65k – English Breakfast Tea 27.5k

The fried rice was just okay for my taste bud. I was a little bit disappointed. I thought it will be super good. Pork fried rice never failed me so far. But, I heard their Pitaya Bowl was great. I should try it next time I go back to Ruci’s Joint.


Overall, I love their place. For the food, I cannot say right now. I just tried 1 tenant. I need to go there again soon. By the way, if you wanna sit in the comfort area, try their sofa. You don’t wanna get up, trust me.

Ruci’s Joint
Jl. Suryo 49
Senopati, Jakarta
Phone: 0812-1010-3374
IG: @rucisjoint