Samwon House Setiabudi One Jakarta

January 7th, 2016. I went to Setiabudi One with my nephew. I was invited to a food tasting at SamWon House. We were so excited. It’s my first time there. I love Korean food but prefer the non-halal one. Hahahaha.. So that’s why I never went to SamWon House LOL. But, I guess they must be good. I tried their product from SamWon Shop and it’s really really good. 🙂

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SamWon House is a Korean restaurant that was established by SamWon Group (Holding Company of SamWon House, SamWon Express & K-Drink) on November 2010. This Restaurant serves a variety of savory authentic Korean cuisine made of handpicked ingredients and is accompanied by a classical and traditional Korean atmosphere that brings forth nostalgic feels with its historical decorations. SamWon Group holds the biggest chain of Korean Restaurant in Indonesia, with the following established brands: SamWon House, SamWon Express and K-drink with the addition of SamWon Shop (Online Shopping For Delicious Foods & Korean Best Products). Holding the most chain of restaurants throughout Indonesia (currently 12 branches are running and fully operational) located not only in Jakarta and Tangerang but also in Surabaya, Jambi, Medan, Lampung and planning to expand further in other rising cities in Indonesia.

The Ambiance

I stepped my foot inside and felt like in Korea. LOL. Kidding!!! I’ve never went to Korea hahaha. But, I guess it’s Korean’s ambiance. At the wall, they put their traditional Hanbok. Hanbok (South Korea) or Joseon-ot (North Korea) is the traditional Korean dress. It is often characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. Although the term literally means “Korean clothing”, hanbok today often refers specifically to clothing of the Joseon period and is worn as semi-formal or formal wear during traditional festivals and celebrations. Dominated with wooden furnitures, SamWon House felt so cozy and warm. Unfortunately it’s all smoking room. But, good thing, no one was smoking when I was there.

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The Menu


SamWon House – uses only the best selected ingredients, such as spices, vegetable, meat, and seafood. Every menu and food ingredients are prepared, selected and made very carefully and throughly by our Master Head Chef, whom has long history of professional experiences in Korean cuisine for more than 25 years. SamWon House offers the highest quality of service – warm, friendly and professional. Our staff is always there to provide the best service to you as Korean Royal guest, and we would serve you to enjoy your unforgettable sensational dining experiences.


Banchan (Hangul: 반찬; hanja: 飯饌; English pronunciation: /ˈbɑːntʃɑːn/; also spelled panch’an) refers to small dishes of food served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine. This word is used both in the singular and plural. The word Banchan translated into English means side dish.


Iced Ocha free


Gogi Gui – Korean Berbeque

Korean barbecue or gogi gui, refers to the Korean method of grilling beef, chicken, or other types of meat. Such dishes are often prepared at the dinner table on gas or charchoal grills that are built into the centre of the table itself. The most typical form of Korean barbecue is galbi, made from marinated beef short ribs. Popular among korean consumers but it is also enjoyed internationally.

Yang Nyam Galbi 125k (regular)

Grilled seasoned bone-in ribs beef (130gr)

Perfectly cooked. They cooked it in front of me. I asked for medium well. It was delicious. The meat was still juicy. The sauce was sweet. And I ate them wrapped in lettuce. Just like they all did in Korean movie. Hahahaha..

IMG_1105 IMG_1107 IMG_1108 IMG_1109 IMG_1111 IMG_1113 IMG_1116

Jeonggol – Korean Shabu-shabu

Jeonggol is a category of elaborate stews or casseroles in Korean cuisine. Jeonggol was originally a dish for upper-class Korean and members of the royal court. Jeonggol usually contains sliced beef and/or seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, and other seasonings, which are boiled with a small amount of broth in a jeongolteul (pot used for cooking jeonggol). They may also include mandu (dumplings). Some of Jeonggol are spicy containing added gochujang or chili pepper powder, although these ingredients may be omitted. The variety of broth used varies according to the type of jeonggol being prepared.

Beef Jeonggol 75k (small)

Prime cut beef with mushroom and vegetables.

I was in a mood for shabu-shabu. Yup, it’s always an addiction for me. The meat and the vegetables were fresh and delicious. We finished it in a flash. LOL. I guess we’re so hungry. The broth was very rich and well-seasoned. Always love warm broth on rainy days.

IMG_1094 IMG_1099

Bibimbap – Hot Stone Pot Bibimbap

Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish. The word literally means “mixed rice.” Bibimbap is sever as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste). A raw of fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef) are common additions. The ingredients are stirred together thoroughly just before eating. It can be served either cold or hot.

Dolsot Bibimbap 80k

Hot stone pot rice mixed with marinated chicken, vegetables and egg

Mixed rice. Always love mixed rice. At first I thought it will be super spicy. But turned out, it’s only a mild one. The fun thing about bibimbap: you just mixed all the ingredients. And the portion was so big. We finished it slowly but sure. LOL. Actually it’s a simple dish but it will make you obsessed about it. As you can see below, the egg was so tempting. Recommended dish!

IMG_1118 IMG_1120 IMG_1121

Overall, SamWon House serves delicious dish with authentic flavour. I think I will be back for their Korean pancake and Japchae. See yo soon.

SamWon House
Setiabudi One
Ground Floor
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
Setiabudi, Jakarta
Phone: 021-52904213
IG: @samwongroup