Toska Juice & Coffee Ruko Sixth Avenue Citra Garden 6 Cengkareng Jakarta

December 27th, 2015. First destination in Ruko Sixth Avenue Citra Garden 6. Toska Juice & Coffee. Open 10am in the morning. I went there with Erik and Dedy. Leo waited for us around Airport Hub. Then, he showed the way. I was so nervous. It’s my first time. Hahahaha.. I guess everybody will say that I’m so cheesy LOL.


The unique thing about Toska, they have this bicycle with a juicer on top. I didn’t ask why is that. I just talked to Leo about it, and made a conclusion by ourselves. So it’s double healthy. Ride a bicycle and drink a juice. LOL.

IMG_0692 IMG_0693 IMG_0694

They have so many cute things for display. I love their pillows. It’s so cute!!! Also their Christmas displays. I wanna take some home, but I know, I couldn’t do that. Huft. *rolling my eyes* By the way, the place was pretty cozy. They had some renovation at the time, so I have to use the back door to go to the toilet. I hope they finish the renovation now.

IMG_0696 IMG_0697 IMG_0698 IMG_0699 IMG_0700 IMG_0702

Hot Chocolate 28k

Too creamy for my palate. But, it’s fine. Actually I prefer the dark chocolate one. For me, hot chocolate must be darker. So, when it’s sweet or creamy, I found it just okay, not too special. But I love the latte art. So cute. It’s a panda, I think. LOL. Remind me of kungfu panda hahahaha..


Cappuccino 25k


Cafe Latte 25k

They gave us complimentary cafe latte, so yeah it’s explained why the colour of the cup was different LOL. Thanks a lot for the complimentary. We really appreciated it.

IMG_0713 IMG_0708

Such a lovely place to have laughs with your buddies. We happened to talk and laugh all the time here. So, yeah, I think I will be back to have juice or food there. Wait for me yaaaa.. 🙂

Toska Juice & Coffee
Ruko Sixth Avenue Blok C1
Citra Garden 6
Cengkareng, Jakarta
Phone: 082117888957
IG: @hellotoska

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