Geek Coffee STC Senayan Jakarta

December 25th, 2015. Usually, Leo picked me up on Sunday to go cafe or restaurant hopping. But on Christmas day, we had a lunch date with Hans. So, we went to Geek Coffee to spend our time before lunch, waiting for Dedy. Located at STC Senayan, you can see the Geek Coffee from the road. It opens 8am in the morning. Our favourite kind of coffee shop hahaha.. Yup, me and Leo always loved early morning cafe. He’s working from Monday to Saturday. So, on Sunday, he prefers to cafe hopping from early in the morning until dark.


The coffee shop wasn’t so big, but it had nice outdoor area with cute window. Let me show you around the place. Such a comfortable place to drink coffee or non coffee with your loved ones.

IMG_0623 IMG_0624 IMG_0625 IMG_0626 IMG_0629 IMG_0637

Caffe Latte 28k


Green Tea Latte 30k

It’s good. But well, everything will be good if you drink it with your buddy and chit chat about everything. Well, it’s life, right? Everything can be topics for chit chat. Either it’s about friendship, family, relationship and food. Actually, most of it, food. Hihihihi.. Good thing I met many good friends that I can talk about food every single gathering. LOL.


Tuna Pastry 26k

Not as good as I expected. It’s just a danish with tuna filling. Nothing special. *sobbing* I hope they increase the quality of the pastry. I really hope so, because I love the place.


Beef Pastry 26k

Same with the tuna pastry. It’s just a danish with beef filling. I think they can be better with it. Hopefully.


Overall, I love the place. Really love it. So cozy in the morning. Hope I can go back there and try another pastry. Anyone wanna go there with me?

Geek Coffee
STC Senayan #LG-107
Jl. Asia Afrika No 1
Phone: 021-57932638
IG: @geekcoffeeid