Pizzeria Cavalese Sunter Jakarta

December 24th, 2015. After PIK, we went to Pizzeria Cavalese at Ruko Green Lake, Sunter. Pizzeria means a place where pizzas are made or sold; a pizza restaurant. And Cavalese is a comune of 4,004 inhabitants in Trentino, northern Italy, a ski resort and the main center in the Fiemme Valley. So, the combination of the name means an Italian pizza restaurant. I guess.. Hihihi…


It’s my first time coming to that area. Lucky me, I could go there with fellow foodies. If I have to come alone, definitely I will get lost. It has 3 levels. And we were directed to the 2nd floor. They have smoking area too on level 2. Not very spacious, but quite simple for a pizza house. We were introduced to the owner. We talked and ordered everything LOL.

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The Menu



Pull Apart Pizza 39k

Stacks of pizza rolls with beef salami and mozzarella.

It’s just okay. Not as good as the looks. Not only for me, but the owner also said to us that it’s just cute, but the flavour was so so. And, before I judged, I prove it myself. Yup, it’s cute, but just so so. Nothing special in it.



Piedmont 105k

Cheese based mixed mushroom pizza topped with truffle oil and comes with a choice of sunny side up eggs on top.

Thumbs up! I thought it will be just an ordinary mushroom pizza. But, turned out, it was one of the best pizza I’ve ever tried. The dough was superb. It wasn’t too thick and wasn’t too thin. Just a perfect texture. Calling out all mushroom lovers!!! Very recommended!



Seafood Buster 119k

Pizza designed for seafood addicts! Comes with salmon, prawns and calamari.

I’m not a seafood addict. Well, I used to, but not anymore. Maybe because when I went to Xiamen, everyday I ate seafood LOL. And now, it’s enough! I surrender! Hahaha. The pizza dough was the same with previous one. Perfect texture. But the prawn was in a little bit weird texture. Maybe it’s overcooked. I told the owner and he said sorry, and thank us for updating him about it. Well, it’s the beauty of communication, right?



Pesto con Pollo 65k

Penne with pesto sauce toasted with chicken, mushroom and parmesan.

Always love pesto sauce, even though penne wasn’t my favourite pasta. And remember, eat it while it still hot. Actually the presentation was just okay, not too pretty. But, the taste was astonishing. The creamy texture mixed with the to-die-for pesto sauce. One recommended dish. And I still can smell the beauty of those creamy pesto sauce. Hmmm..



Chicken Spaetzli 69k

North Italian special served with Baked Chicken topped with creamy mushroom sauce.

The name was hard to say. But the taste was incredible. Melt in my mouth. And I literally finished it all by myself. The chicken was very tender. Mixed perfectly with the creamy mushroom sauce. This was my favourite here. Most favourite. Most recommended! Definitely will be back for this dish. *pull my hair impatiently*

Spätzle are a kind of soft egg noodle found in the cuisines of southern Germany and Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Alsace and South Tyrol.


Riso Domolite 65k

Italian style fried rice with oregano, thyme, cherry tomatoes, egg, raisins, broccoli and mushroom.

Not my favourite. It’s rice, indeed. But, a little bit plain. I prefer tasty rice. But, some people will like it, I guess. It’s just not fit for my palate. Sorry Chef. :p


Overall, I was satisfied with the dish. Great job Chef. Definitely will be back when I’m around Sunter area.

Pizzeria Cavalese
Ruko Green Lake
Jalan Danau Sunter Selatan Type SA Block SW No. R
Sunter, North Jakarta
Phone: 021-26690133
IG: @pizzeriacavalese