Yoogane Lotte Shopping Avenue Ciputra World Jakarta

January 2nd, 2016. The night before, Hans asked me and Gaby to join him to a new open restaurant in Lotte Shopping Avenue. So, that afternoon, we joined him to Yoogane. It was the second outlet in Jakarta. The first one is in Citywalk Sudirman. I heard that they moved to Lotte Shopping Avenue, but I don’t know if it’s true or not. Lemme check later.


Dakgalbi is a popular Korean dish generally made by stir-frying marinated chicken ia a special chili sauce with fresh vegetables. Dakgalbi appeared after the late 1960s as an inexpensive anju (food that is eaten while drinking) in small city. Dakgalbi is a local specialty food for the city of Chuncheon, Gangwon province where Dakgalbi originates. There is also street known as Dakgalbi Golmok (Dakgalbi Alley) which has a high concentration of Dakgalbi restaurants. Yoogane Dakgalbi is easily recognized as a premier “chicken galbi brand” in Korea especially popular in Busan where we started Yoogane. Yoogane has been making the best quality Dakgalbi with their unchanging recipe since 1981. We promise to keep making the delicious Dakgalbi while satisfying our customers’ expectations and upholding beliefs. We have been growing as Chicken Galbi Brands in Korea by your continuous supporting and love for our brand. Enjoy your chicken with some spice and fresh vegetables. Have some Dakgalbi Korea’s popular chicken dish made extra special with Yoogane’s secret recipe since 1981.

Located on 2nd Floor in front of CIMB Niaga Digital Lounge, Yoogane wasn’t so spacious but not too small, too. My complaint was only: the place wasn’t very attractive at all. It’s just a diner with open kitchen, that’s it.

IMG_0988 IMG_0971 IMG_0974 IMG_0975 IMG_0976

The Menu


Cold Ocha (Free)


Honey Ju Jube Korean Tea 17k

It was an iced tea with date palms flavour. A thirst-quenching with sweet taste. Too bad it couldn’t free refill LOL.


Yoogane Seafood Chicken Galbi 80k

Yoogane’s unique spicy sauce marinate with tender chicken meat, baby octopus squids, prawns and a variety of seafood.

What a sexy dish. As you can see, the melted cheese was mouthwatering. But, it was quite spicy for me. So, mostly I enjoyed this dish with my eyes LOL. Actually the filling was quite generous. The chicken, baby octopus, prawns, and of course the cheese.

IMG_0978 IMG_0985

Beef Bulgogi Cheese Fried Rice 66k with extra cheese 15k

Special fried rice with delicious beef and fresh vegetables. It will whet your appetite.

When it came to our table, I was like: “Huh?” For me, it’s too plain. And I thought it will be served in a hot plate. Turned out it served only in a white plate, so unattractive. Fortunately, it was delicious. And the melted cheese. Say no more for melted cheese. Everything with melted cheese is always delicious. Well, for a plain dish, it disappeared very fast. I guess I will order it next time only for me. No sharing. LOL.

IMG_0979 IMG_0987

Welcome Yoogane to Lotte Shopping Avenue. Definitely will be back for the cheese fried rice. See you soon.

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