St. Marc Café Senayan City Jakarta

January 1st, 2016. I stranded in Senayan City. Oh my, a new dessert house is in town! St. Marc Café, a franchise dessert house. I heard this from Hans, so I guess it must be very famous. And it is famous indeed in Japan, Singapore, Philipines and everywhere else. Well, now it spreading their wings to Indonesia.

St. Marc Café is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saintmarc Holdings Company. In 1998, the first St. Marc Café was opened at Ginza Maronie Boulevard in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, St. Marc Café has been providing friendly service, vibrant atmosphere, freshly brewed coffee and other other varieties of drinks, freshly baked breads and desserts at reasonable prices. Our parent company has been expanding the business to all parts of Japan with more than 300 outlets over the years. It has consistently achieved growth and has been winning popularity in the Japanese market.

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Located in LG Floor, St. Marc Café was very easy to find. Not far from Food Hall. It was a small outlet with comfortable seats. I went there with Hans, Leo and Gaby. We had our dinner, so we decided to have a sweet desserts. I sat and waited for them to order everything. We have to queue and order things before sit down, and wait for our number to be shout out.

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Chococro 19.9k

Not so special, but quite nice when your tummy needs something sweet and easy. But, it’s not cheap! 20k for a small chocolate croissant? Ugh my wallet will cry over and over again hahaha.. I think I will ask my hubby to buy this for me. I don’t wanna buy it with my own money. LOL.


Mango Fantasy 74.9k

I needed more fantasy in this mango hahaha.. Well, I never heard about this one, but I think I’ve already had a high expectation. Too bad it’s not as good as I thought. It’s just good, for me. Nothing more. The pannacota was like pudding. Yup, they need more fantasy.


Classic Fuji 79.9k

Not my favourite. So sorry. I tried and found it just okay. The vanilla soft serve was a bit too sour for my taste-bud. Really not my favourite. I guess I should try another flavour next time. 🙂 “The red bean was too sweet,” said Hans. But overall, I think everybody will like it.


Congratulations St Marc. Hope you will be doing very fine here. I’m waiting for your next outlet.

St. Marc Café
Senayan City LG Floor L27
Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19
Senayan, Jakarta
IG: @chococroid

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