Seruput express Summarecon Mall Serpong Tangerang

December 20th, 2015. My hubby drove his mom to the airport. And from the airport, I went to Serpong to meet my friends. #DailyFoodSeeker had a project there and they asked me to join them. I got to the Summarecon Mall Serpong and headed straight to Seruput express. Located at Downtown Walk Summarecon Mall Serpong, Seruput express had non smoking and smoking area. Quite big for an express outlet. 🙂

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The Ambiance

When you walked in, you will find a little bit dark place. Then you just go straight to the back of the place, and you will find a nicer area with big windows to see outside. It’s not outside, but it feels outside. A better place to eat with family or to hang out with your best buddies.

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The Menu


Pindang Patin Wong Kito 47k

Pindang means preserve fish with salt by boiling it and without drying. I always love pindang patin (shark catfish). It was delicious with rich flavour and mild texture. But, this pindang patin from seruput express was a little too sweet for me. 😦


Bakso Dengkul Seruput 32k

It’s one of my favourites there. I always love the concept to mix meatball with fried tofu and fried dumplings. It’s like a music concert in your mouth. Eat it one by one, and feel good about it. Eat it altogether, and feel awe-struck! Their texture was perfect. And the broth was awesomely delicious. It will make you wanna come back to seruput only for this dish. Recommended.


Soto Betawi Bang Haji 42k

Another favourite. The broth was well-seasoned. The savoury of soto betawi always made me add my rice repeatedly. It’s like I’ve never felt satiate. Can you imagine pieces of meat, intestines, tripe and lungs combined with a savoury coconut milk in one bowl, with warm rice? OMG! Best lunch, right? LOL.


Garang Asem Ayam 36k

Somehow garang asem reminds me of tom yam soup. But too bad this garang asem ayam from Seruput wasn’t as rich as I expected. Should be more sour. Somehow people use fish for this kind of dish, but with chicken turns out to be just fine. It was new for me and I love it. Just needed more sour taste.


Sate Maranggi Seruput 62k

Sate Maranggi is a famous satay from Purwakarta. I think I only ate this satay once. So this was my second time. And I love it. The sweetness, the texture, the juicy of the meat. They mixed the deliciousness into one stick. Recommended!


Nasi Goreng Ayam Kampungan 38k

Definitely a keeper. I ate a portion and then I ordered another portion. Ate it with those crazy foodies LOL. The texture of the rice was perfect. Tasted luscious. Flavoured wise. Most favourite for me. One of the best fried rice I’ve ever tried. Super recommended.


Mie Goreng Seafood 29k

It’s fried noodle with seafood on top of it. Well, even though my friend said that it’s only okay, I found it very delicious. It was sweet and savoury at the same time. I mean, you will find it sweet and also savoury and it was like a soulmate in one chopstick. The texture wasn’t so hard to chew, but not too soft. Perfecto.


Tempe Mendoan 12k

Perfect snack to enjoy while you watching movies, or hang out with buddies, or to accompany your steamed white rice. Oh my oh my, I’m drooling right now while imagine those things to do there. LOL.


Roti Bakar Ovomaltine 25k

Never reject an ovomaltine, especially ovomaltine toast. Well, for some people, it’s too sweet. But for me, hmmm.. perfectly sweet. Finger-licking good! I definitely will order it over and over again to fulfil my madness of ovomaltine.


Kue Cubit-Cubitan 18k

This was my favourite snack when I was a kid. Yup, I was once a kid. Hahahaha. I love the texture of this snack. Nowadays everybody sell kue cubit, half baked. It’s still runny on top. OMG. So delish. Delicate and delightful.


Fire Cracking Latte 57k and Lady in Red 48k


Vanilla Doubleshot 49k


Syphon 26k


Ice Durian Coffee 39k

It looked so mellow but tasted so good. Durian and coffee. What a wacky combination. The world’s favourite drink with the most delicious fruit. Ah-mah-zing!!!


Avocado Ice Blend 54k


Somehow I miss our moments there. Taking pictures, eating delicious food, drinking refreshing beverages, laughing out loud with a bunch of crazy buddies, in a really nice place. Definitely a dainty moment. And of course, I miss the nasi goreng ayam kampungan. Till we meet again, then.

Seruput express
Summarecon Mall Serpong
The Downtown Walk
Ground Floor DGF – 18B
Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong
Sentra Gading Serpong
Tangerang 15810
Phone: 021-54204758
IG: @seruputexpress