Caribou Coffee Senopati Jakarta

December 14th, 2015. I went to Caribou Coffee at Senopati street. I heard about this new place from Instagram. They had this cute promotion on Instagram about #StayAwakeFor quote. I took part of the promotion and got free coffee. Yaaaay. But since I’m not drinking coffee anymore, I gave the free coffee to my sister’s friend. Hihihi.. So yeah, yesterday I went to the place with SHDS from eatandtreats, and we’re having real fun there.


“Life is short. Stay awake for It.” is our philosophy. We believe that life is too short to be spent doing anything other than what you love. As one of America’s biggest coffee chains, we stay awake to serve great coffee and inspire you to seize your day.

Caribou Coffee opened their first outlet in Jakarta. Well actually, it’s the first outlet in Southeast Asia. They had 2 levels. And they also had smoking area on level 2. I really love their place. Quite spacious and very cozy to hang out. The tables were far from each other. So, it’s very comfortable to walk around the place. Too bad, they had only several electric plugs. For a good spot, you should try level 2. Much better for blogging time.

IMG_0356 IMG_0358

Level 1

IMG_0346 IMG_0345 IMG_0360 IMG_0364 IMG_0362 IMG_0363

To order, you just go to their showcase and order everything you want. They have delicious food and drinks. And the most important thing: their baristas were friendly and always smile. Find Mr Lucky, and he will greet you with his best smile. 🙂

IMG_0349 IMG_0347 IMG_0348

Level 2

IMG_0361 IMG_0343 IMG_0336 IMG_0326 IMG_0325

Smoking Area Level 2

IMG_0330 IMG_0332 IMG_0333

Iced Turtle Mocha 53k

Premium chocolate – dark, milk or white – and espresso combined with milk and caramel and served over ice.

Hans ordered this one. He said it’s great but too sweet. When I tried myself – yeah he told me to sip it because it’s not too coffee – I agreed with him, too sweet. But tasted so good.


Hot Chocolate 49k

Real chocolate – dark, milk or white – combined with steamed milk and topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips.

I was in love with my hot dark chocolate. Not too sweet with luxurious texture and intense bittersweet chocolate flavour. Tasted so rich, I think I will try their ice chocolate next time. The good thing, their glass was so big even though I ordered medium size. LOL. Love big glass!!


Spicy Tuna Sandwich 40k

Spicy tuna on a sandwich.

What a delicious quick lunch or just for tea time. The sandwich was very crunchy with generous spicy tuna. I never liked hard to chew sandwich. I prefer the crunchy crisp one. And this spicy tuna sandwich was perfect for my tastebud. And it’s big enough for the two of us. Recommended.


Almond Croissant 28k

Almond-filled croissant.

The almond croissant was sweet and delicious. The texture was crispy. I love the nutty and sweet filling. It was supremely delicious. For those who love almond, should try this croissant. I love almond and definitely will order this again.


Congratulations Caribou Coffee for your first outlet here in Jakarta. You guys really did a fantastic job. You have a very cozy place with great food and beverages. Definitely a keeper.

Caribou Coffee
Jl. Senopati No. 52
Jakarta 12190
Phone: 021-27515162
IG: @CaribouCoffeeID