Kanawa Coffee & Munch Suryo Senopati Jakarta

October 18th, 2015. I heard about this new coffeeshop at Senopati area. And as usual, my buddy will plan the date to come to this place. So, we came together to Kanawa Coffee and Munch at Suryo street. Well, first time, and already disappointed. They wrote in their IG, open 7am. When we got there 7am, the gate was still padlocked. The person there was still mopping the place all around. And we had to wait until 7:30am to order. What a waste of time for morning people like us. But, yeah, life goes on. Sometimes reality bites. LOL.


Located on a strategic street, this place was quite spacious with their own parking area. They have 2 levels. The outdoor area was on level 2. First, we must order on level 1. Then, we waited upstair. Well, besides their late opening, I had a great time there. The level 2 was like our private session. Just 6 of us. Taking pictures of our drinks, laughing out loud, teasing each other. What a comfy place to hang out with buddies.

IMG_8902 IMG_8903 IMG_8897 IMG_8898 IMG_8900 IMG_8896 IMG_8908

Choco Latte 32k

It’s my friend’s order and I didn’t try it. But the latte art was pretty. Sometimes I just took pictures for the latte art. It’s really made me very happy to see beautiful latte art. 🙂


Taro Latte 32k

The latte art was easily ruin, so I took picture like this. Well, I was a little bit disappointed with my taro latte. It’s very milky. I didn’t find any taro taste in it. Please be better next time.


Cappuccino 30k

My friend’s order. Didn’t try it. So, yeah, only captured it for the latte art. Lovely one. But my friend said their coffee was amazingly delicious. So yeah, I believe him.


Overall, I like the place. It’s a nice place to hang out or just me time. Definitely will be back again. Wait for me ya.

Kanawa Coffee & Munch
Jl. Suryo No. 23
Senopati, Jakarta
Phone: 021-7201566
IG: @kanawa.coffee