Sophie Authentique Cikajang Senopati Jakarta

November 15th, 2015. I went to Sophie Authentique with some buddies. No, not their Splash outlet (you can read it on my first review about Sophie), but the Senopati one. Yup, they opened their 4th outlet here at Cikajang street. When I stepped my foot in, my heart stopped for a second. Really caught my attention, the place was beautiful. Just like their outlet in Splash Kemang, they had those pictures of fork-knife-spoon on the wall. What a cute signature, right? And they had the swing chair too. Such a cozy place to hang out with your buddies. Oh by the way, they have a small area for smoking area. Quite nice for those smokers *devil looks*. Ah, you should go there to feel it by yourself.

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Canele 20k (100k for box of 6)

The first time I tried this Canele, I think it’s not really my taste-bud. But this time, OMG!! It’s really delicious. Well, yeah, the first time it’s delicious too but I prefer the softer Canele. But this time, OMG!! Hahaha.. well, I really love it. In fact, I’m drooling right now, when I see my own pictures. Huft. It’s still warm, with their perfect texture. Wow. To die for!


Croque Madame 85k

That sunny side-up! It’s my weakness. *sobbing* It’s not my order but I had a privilege to try it. LOL. Took a bite and I’ve already felt, “I’m in French.” Incredibly delicious. The ham and the cheese were so thick, I wanna cry. Definitely a winner.


Great job Sophie. I really enjoy your place and food. Definitely will be back.

Sophie Authentique Cikajang
Jl. Cikajang No. 48
Senopati, Jakarta
Phone: 021-29704981
IG: @authentiquejkt