Maison Tatsuya Teppanyaki and Grill Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

November 26th, 2015. I went to Kota Kasablanka with my hubby. We were shopping and walking around. After some time, we’re hungry. So, we decided to eat at some new place for us. Maison Tatsuya Teppanyaki and Grill. I’ve been there once, at Gandaria City’s outlet. I ate with my friends, and it’s different menu. But, what I wanna share right now is my latest experience with my hubby. 🙂

Maison Tatsuya Teppanyaki and Grill is the latest creation of Arena Group. Arena Group is an F&B company behind delicious restaurants: Penang Bistro, Seribu Rasa, Hong Kong Cafe, La Hoya, Miyagi and Sari Bagindo. I tried Penang Bistro, Hong Kong Cafe and La Hoya, and I could say that I liked them all.


Where delightful Western cooking style meets delectable Japanese taste.

Maison Tatsuya serves a tempting array of premium quality teppanyaki and Japanese western style fare to spoil your palate in a Japanese casual dining setting. Combining the western cooking technique with Japanese refined taste, our menu ranges from delectable charcoal grilled steaks to delicious Japanese pasta and a variety of appetizing teppanyaki. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, our chefs will serve freshly hot cooked dish upon showcasing a live teppanyaki cooking on a hot flat griddle in front of the diners, combining the art of dining and entertainment.

I didn’t take their ambiance pictures because it was too many people inside. So I just took picture outside area. They had this cute thing to order and to ask for the bill. They used some kind of tablet. Cute, right? It’s in every table. Their place divided into 2 areas. Teppanyaki, where you can enjoy live cooking show. Grill, where you order Grill menu. Fyi, when you’re in Teppanyaki area, you can order anything. But when you’re in Grill area, you cannot order Teppanyaki menu.

IMG_9885 IMG_9887 IMG_9888

Cold Ocha 19k

Yaaaay free refill!!! Yaaaaay.. I’m such a freeholic. Love everything about free things. LOL. Who’s not!??!?!?!?


Takoyaki 35k

Japanese snack filled with Tako (octopus) served with homemade Takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise, topped with katsuobushi (dried bonito).

Not really our favourite. I prefer it’s softer and more delicate. But, it tasted delightful. But next time I will try their tebasaki. 😀


Hamburg Steak 75k

Served with rice, vegetables and House’s Special Sauce.

I thought it will be just okay, but turned out, it was wonderful. Looked so fun to be eaten. LOL. Can you see the sunny-side-up? It was so gorgeous.  The hamburg steak was soft and tender. Not very thick, but it’s enough for eating it with the rice. The special sauce was the best. It was sweet with a rich flavour. Recommended.

IMG_9895 IMG_9900

Chicken Teriyaki 58k

Served with fresh salad, potato salad, homemade miso soup, and mix sauteed vegetables.

This dish was so delicious I could finish it all by myself. Too bad it’s my hubby’s order. 🙂 Well, the sauce was delicious, added lip-smacking flavor to the chicken. Yup, the chicken was very tender and flavourful. Very recommended!


Overall, I was very impressed to this restaurant. Definitely will be back to try another menu.

Maison Tatsuya Teppanyaki and Grill
Kota Kasablanka
Food Society Ground floor #FSG-21
Jakarta Selatan 12870
Phone: 021-29475151
IG: @maisontatsuya

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