The Writer’s Bar Raffles Hotel Kuningan Jakarta

November 5th, 2015. I had an appointment at The Writer’s Bar, Raffles Hotel Jakarta.

A revered institution at Raffles Singapore, The Writers Bar is reinterpreted in Jakarta as an oasis of art, Indonesian history, literature and artefacts in this modern metropolis. Away from the bustle of the city, the bar is a haven to enjoy a mid-afternoon repast or your favourite drink.

Enjoy your mid-afternoon repast with The Raffles Tower, a treasure trove of pastries and savories, best enjoyed with our bespoke tea and coffee blends.

In the evenings, live music and relaxed conversations set the tone for elegant tapas and cocktails. Ask about the Jakarta Sling.

IMG_9403 IMG_9402

Indoor Seats

The place was amazingly beautiful. I really loved it. True. Love the colours and the ambiance. It was so calm with cozy ambiance. It felt like I was in neverland. LOL. Actually, I never went to Neverland. LOL. Ok, please stop this weird talking hahaha.. But, just look at my photos below. You’ll be amazed.

IMG_9401 IMG_9404 IMG_9405 IMG_9407 IMG_9409 IMG_9408

Outdoor Seats

The outdoor was lovely. I imagined myself sitting there with hubby. I was blogging and he was gaming. LOL. Yup, that’s us. One time, I was so mad at him because he always gaming. But now after I was blogging myself, it’s ok for me. We had our own hobby, I guess. Well, back to the place. It was a little bit hot but I think in the evening, it was loveable. I think I will try by myself to come back again at night.

IMG_9411 IMG_9412 IMG_9413

Raffles Jakarta Tea (Special made by TWG only for Raffles Hotel)

The tea was very suitable for my condition. I got cough and flu. This tea was a herbal tea. I think I got better after drinking this tea. Such a healthy tea, right? I loved it.

IMG_9416 IMG_9419

High Tea for two 250k (inclusive 1 Raffles Tower and 2 beverages, coffee or tea)

The Raffles Tower is a treasure trove of pastries and savories, best enjoyed with our bespoke tea and coffe blends.  The Writers Bar is the ideal place to sit, savor and contemplate on the telling details from the art of Hendra Gunawan, which seem to weave a story of their own.

from 3:00pm to 5:30pm


 Assorted Macaroons (6 pcs)

Seasalt caramel, Vanilla, Green Tea, Peanut Butter, Tonka Bean, Raspberry Passion, Coffee (rotated every day)

My favourite? All of them!! LOL. The texture of the macaroon was light and fluffy. Lovable.


Assorted Eclairs (4 pcs)

Pistachio, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Passion Fruit (rotated every day)

Love them all. The texture, the taste, the fragrance. They were all perfectly delicious.


Madeleine (3 pcs)

Couldn’t stop munching these madeleine. Please remind me to ask them again when I come back to Writer’s Bar. It’s sweet but not too sweet. The texture was delicate. Addicting!


Scones (3 pcs)

The scones were simple. Tasted good with great texture. But it’s not really my palate. So I guess I still prefer the madeleine LOL.


Salmon Bruschetta (3 pcs)

The Salmon was tasty with a savoury bruschetta. The bruschetta was not too thick. Thin and crispy. Love Love Love.


Thank you so much Raffles Hotel and The Writer’s Bar for the lovely high tea. I was very happy and filled with joy. Cannot wait to having some me time there with my macbook doing my blog.


The Writer’s Bar
Raffles Jakarta
Jl. Professor Doktor Satrio No.3-5
Jakarta 12940
Phone: 021-29880888
IG: @raffleshoteljakarta