Kamo Kuma Dessert House + Bistro Kelapa Gading Jakarta

October 25th, 2015. I went to the new opening outlet of Kamo Kuma Dessert House + Bistro at Kelapa Gading. It’s their second outlet in Jakarta. I never went to their Sunter outlet, but I was very curious about this place. That’s why when a friend of mine asked me to join their event, I was like.. “Oh yeah! Count me in!”


The place was divided into 2 levels. We were placed on level 2, near windows. Quite nice to take bright pictures. The place was dominated with green and white colours, I had no idea why. Me myself, didn’t like green colours hahaha. Love the mural, though. Kamo the duck and Kuma the bear. So cute!! Don’t forget the teacup lamps. Creative!

20151025_171431 20151025_171313 20151025_171255 20151025_171202

The Menu



Our appetizers are bite size heavenly stuffs. From crispy Karaage to healthy Chef’s salad, they are perfect for any occasions.

Cheese Burger Fries 35k

French Fries topped Burger Bits, Cheese Sauce, and Mayo

I looked at it and I thought, “Wow. Bed of cheese and mayo.” And when I ate it, yup, I was so satisfied. It’s really bed of cheese and mayo. It’s finger-licking good. The texture of the french fries was perfect. Tasted so delicious.


Cheese Stuffed Mushroom (5pc) 30k

Champignon mushroom stuffed with mozzarella cheese and tartar sauce

It’s like a croquette with mushroom and cheese. Well, like I read somewhere, “The real way to get a man is with melted cheese and cream of mushroom soup.” LOL. Different quotes, I guess hahaha. Well, what should I say about this dish? Hmmm.. it’s a light appetizer but not that light. If you eat them all, you will get full too early. So, better share with friends, ok. 🙂


Injection Bitterballen (5pc) 35k

Classic Ragout balls with cheese, beef, and our special savoury sauce

This was so freaking cute! Bitterballen was an ordinary snack. Added injection. It became super cute! What’s in the injection? Well, it’s a secret!!! Just try by yourself and be your own judge. Btw, this one was becoming one of my favourites there.


Kani Croquette (2pc) 25k

Cream Crab stick filled with croquettes with spicy mayonnaise

It’s cream crab croquette. Hmm.. Quite well-seasoned with quite big for croquette. I ended up munching this one on my seat while everybody took pictures LOL. Well, croquette was one of my especial snack for appetizer. When I went to local bakery, I always find croquette for my late-night snack. Hihihihi..


Mozarella Stick (5pc) 35k

Melting mozarella sticks with honey mustard sauce

Cute appearance with big mug. I could not stop chomping this mozzarella stick. The texture was perfect. Must-order!



Aglio Olio 27k

Spaghetti with LOTS of garlic with your chosen topping (add Spicy Garlic Chicken or Homemade Pork Pancetta +15k)

I didn’t really like aglio olio pasta. It’s too spicy for me. But the topping was quite generous. I think this who like aglio olio must try this dish.


Wagyu Beef Omurice 47k

Sautéed Wagyu Beef, Fried Rice, and Scrambled Egg

Fried rice and scrambled egg with sautéed wagyu beef was perfect for hungry tummy. Fried rice was in good taste , the scrambled egg was great texture, and the sautéed wagyu beef was delicious. Not very special, but good enough for me.


Dory Lada Hitam 39k

Crunchy Dory Fish Fillet with aromatic lada hitam sauce

This was the winner. The dory fillet was delicate yet firm in texture. The black pepper sauce was not very spicy. I really loved it. Actually I was the one who finished the whole bowl hahahaha.. Really really loved it. 🙂


Hamburg Curry Bowl 49k

Hamburg Steak with Curry Sauce, Egg, and Cheese

A scrumptious combination between hamburg steak, egg and cheese. Say no more lah. It must be exotic. Lately I love hamburg steak, because the texture was quite tender. Well, I’m not young girl anymore. I prefer tender meat than the hard one. LOL. D*mn aging! LOL again.


Salted Egg Dory 45k

Deep fried dory fish with yummy salted egg sauce

Salted Egg Dory. This tasted as good as it sound. I was in love with their dory. And the salted egg sauce was wonderful. Our lunch just got tastier. Literally tastier.


Sausage Pomodoro Pasta 43k

Spaghetti and homemade Beef Sausage cooked in tomato pomodoro sauce

Pomodoro wasn’t my favourite. But beef sausage? Don’t ask! Love it so much! So, when I saw this dish, I spontaneously searched for the beef sausages LOL. By the way, the beef sausage was homemade. Much better!



Two scoops of delicious ice cream and topped with generous amount of condiments! No wonder it’s everyone’s favourite.

Matcha 40k

Matcha and Vanilla Ice Cream, Cake, Corn Flakes, Matcha Jelly, Mochi, Red Bean, Frozen Matcha Mousse, Wafers

Fans of the wafers hihihi. I liked this kano parfait. Generous condiments indeed. Tasted very matcha. Recommended.



Shaved Ice Desserts with juicy toppings and drizzled with our unique fruit sauces. Burst of fruitiness in every bite.

Kiiro (yellow) 38k

Peaches, Nata De Coco, Bubble, Jelly, and Ice Cream with Passion Fruit Sauce. Everyone’s favourite.

Cute presentation with the passion fruit sauce in the tube. It’s so fresh and sweet. 🙂



Shaved Ice Desserts with variety of toppings and milky sauce on top

Kumabowl #5 38k

Kuma Ball, Bubble, Mochi, Red Bean, Pudding, Nata de Coco, Ice Cream, Almond

Love the colour. Hahaha. Yeah, I love purple. Served with milky sauce in cute tube. Tasted sweet and very fresh.



Nutella Doughnuts, Milkshakes, Delicious Toppings, what more can you ask?

Double Tella 45k

Nutella Doughnut on top of Nutella, Milkshake, Double happiness

For me, it’s multi-happiness. I love the nutella, the doughnut, the milkshake, even the glass hahaha.. Next visit, I wanna order this only for myself! Definitely! It’s heaven!



Melting chocolate with toasted peanut and sesame underneath baked marshmallow and chocolate ice cream and almond.

70% Italian Dark Chocolate 49k

For the chocolate lovers. Intense chocolate flavour.

Cute presentation. It’s marshmallow disguised as a martabak. Hohoho. Couldn’t stop myself from eating this cute desserts. Love Love Love.



Crispy taiyaki made with special dough, filing and fragrant coating.

Nutella 22k

Nutella Filled Crispy Taiyaki. Can’t never go wrong.

Strawberry Cheese 22k

Strawberry Filling and Cream Cheese. Perfect combination.

Love both of puff taiyaki. The Nutella was sweet. The Strawberry Cheese was quite sour. Ate them together. Tasted adorable. I couldn’t stop myself. Best taiyaki I’ve ever had. Wish I could order it for delivery.


Thanks Kamo Kuma for the delicious food and desserts. Thanks to my friends for inviting me to this event. Happy tummy!

Kamo Kuma Dessert House + Bistro
Jl. Boulevard Raya Blok QA1 No.20
Kelapa Gading
Phone: 021-96762929
IG: @kamokumajkt


Lewis & Carroll Tea Jakarta

November 9th, 2015. I went to a new place at Kebayoran area, Lewis and Carroll. I heard about this new place around social media like Instagram. A friend of mine said to me a couple days ago about this place. It’s a coincidence, at that night, Hans asked me to accompany him to the place. I was very excited. So, yesterday, I went to Lewis and Carroll, waited for him.


At first, I saw the outdoor seats. It was lovely. I could see myself in the morning, sitting there alone with my macbook and listening to music through my earphone, and enjoying the morning breeze. Ugh, tempting!

IMG_9485 IMG_9484 IMG_9491

Then, I looked inside and I was a little bit shocked. I thought it was a cute tea house. Turned out, it was a spacious tea house with sunshine almost all over the place. I loved it. It’s like love at the first sight. I chose the corner seat, because I wanted to take pictures of their food. I needed sunshine LOL. Come. Come. Let me show you around the place.

IMG_9487 IMG_9483 IMG_9535 IMG_9480 IMG_9488

Actually they also sell their teas and teawares. You can check the product here. I will give you a little teaser below. 🙂

IMG_9533 IMG_9532 IMG_9534 IMG_9482 IMG_9481 IMG_9531


As soon as I sat on my seat, the server brought a tray full of tubes of various teas’ flavours. I could smell the fragrance of the teas before I chose which one I want. Actually, it’s a cute experience for me hihihi..


snow owl 55k

I chose snow owl, a white tea. It’s a humble tea with light and stress-relieving taste. I really enjoyed my snow owl. Recommended for those who loved a mild and not-so-strong tea.


autumn bloom 55k

Lovely presentation. I always like tea with flower in the cute jug. Well, too bad I forgot to try it, because I was be dazzled with the looks. But, I believe it’s as good as my snow owl. 🙂


scarlet carnaval 35k

I love the colour. Tasted sweet and sexy. Really a thirst-quenching drink in a hot day. Well, looking at the red drink beside the green plant, I felt like Christmas came early. Ugh, cannot wait for next month. Christmas will always be my favourite season.


sides & bites

truffled fries 40k

Lacked of truffle oil. Yup, I tried a bite and I just didn’t find the strong and earthy texture of truffle oil. The texture of the fries were great. But, I expected more truffle oil.


truffled mashed potatoes 35k

Same with the truffled fries. Lacked of truffle oil. I expected more from this dish. Too bad I didn’t bring my own truffle oil. *sobbing* I needed more truffle oil, please. The texture of the mashed potato was great. Suitable for my palate.


entrée (from 11 a.m.)

L&C fried rice 60k

diced norwegian salmon fried rice, sunny side up egg, pickle, melinjo chips, and sambal matah

OMG! Tried a spoon full, and fell in love. I can say it’s one of the best fried rice I’ve ever tried. It was also a big portion. So, I guess, when I come back with hungry tummy, I will order this fried rice again. The salmon was quite generous, and the sunny side up was perfect!!! Gorgeous and delicious. Perfect combination, right? Recommended!


carbonara 80k

linguine with beef bacon in truffle carbonara sauce

Love it. The truffle carbonara sauce was amazingly delicious. The linguine was perfectly cooked. Tasted like mom’s homemade pasta at home. Ugh, suddenly miss my mom’s cooking. By the way, the beef bacon was exquisitely tasty. Must-try!


aglio olio 70k

spaghetti with beef bacon bits in garlic and truffle oil

I tried this aglio olio and got my approval already. It was not very spicy. And the beef bacon was also exquisitely tasty. I love the truffle aroma in this well-seasoned dish. The spaghetti was in a good texture. I think Hans really liked it. Pssst, he almost always ordered aglio olio when we talked about pasta. 🙂



matcha panna cotta 55k

Love it. Tasted sweet with creamy texture. Well, actually matcha should be more bitter but I prefer the sweet one, although it’s not so sweet. The sweetness was balanced. But actually I wish they will make more flavours. I hope next time I go there, I will find strawberry panna cotta or vanilla panna cotta. I wish.. LOL.


banana nutella french toast 55k

This one was the champion! Won my heart. They had me at “Nutella.” So many quotes about Nutella. “Nutella. The only reason to buy bread.” or “Happiness is.. Nutella. LOADS of Nutella.” or “You are the Nutella to my spoon.” LOL. Nutella and banana and french toast? Out-of-this-world. The french toast was tender and mild. The banana? Melted in my mouth. And the Nutella was being a nutella. Must-order dish! Err.. I forgot mention the ice cream. The Chai Tea ice cream had a unique taste, but it will make you want it more and more and more. RECOMMENDED in capital letters!


Thanks Hans for asking me to have lunch with you at Lewis and Carroll. I’m in love with the place. So comfortable with cozy ambiance. Definitely will be back there again and again and again. See you soon L&C.

Lewis & Carroll
Jl. Bumi No 4
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12120
Phone: 021-2702660
IG: @lewisandcarrolltea