Penang Bistro Grand Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

October 24th, 2015. I went to Penang Bistro at Grand Indonesia Jakarta for their new menu’s launching. Well, it’s already noon, I didn’t take many pictures because there were too many customers. So, I just give a quick and short review here.


Contemporary Malaysian fare inspired by the richness of the strait’s culinary tradition. Penangbistro is a fresh take on traditional favorites from the melting pot region of Malacca Strait. Our menu offers a wide variety of the region’s best recipes prepared with the freshest ingredients. We distinguish ourselves by constantly improving our menu, serving quality offerings with warm hospitality in a cozy and intimate environment.

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New Malaysian dishes by Penang Bistro “NASI BAKAR SET”


Nasi Liwet Bakar Sibuan 55k

ayam bakar, sambal kelapa dua, ikan bilis bumbu kuning, urab jawa, timun pete kemangi, kerupuk


Nasi Kuning Bakar Kota Bharu 59k

rendang sapi, urab jawa, orek tempe, sate lilit, sate jamur, telor gulung, emping


Nasi Pandan Bakar Tanjung Aru 55k

kari ayam, sate jamur, sambal matah, timun balado, orek tempe, sambal hijau


I ate the Nasi Pandan Bakar Tanjung Aru and I found it very delicious. Eat while it still hot. You can still smell the “pandan” fragrant when you open it. I love the sate jamur. It was delicious. Such a recommended dish for lunch or dinner. Thanks Penang Bistro for the invitation. Great job!

Penang Bistro
Grand Indonesia West Mall
3A floor Unit ED – 1/10
Jl. MH Thamrin no. 1
Phone: 021-23580958
IG: @penangbistro_id

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