[EVENT] Markette to Table Publik Markette Grand Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

September 20th, 2015. I was invited to Sunday Brunch event called Markette to Table at Publik Markette. Located at East Mall Grand Indonesia, Publik Markette was always crowded with people. Psst, their pork belly was amazingly fantastic. I was there with a bunch of foodies and media. It’s so fun!! Actually, the place was very cozy, I never mind to go back to the place over and over again.

Invitation-brunch-PM-kotak IMG_7958

This time, I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I’ve already reviewed the place. I just loved how they decorate the place. It’s cute and adorable.

IMG_7962 IMG_7963

Cheers!! To a great and amazing life. I’m happy!

“There can’t be good living where there is not good drinking.”



Fritaffle 65k

with Poached Egg, bacon, cheddar and slapyo’ mama sauce

This was good. The poached egg was amazingly delicious. Perfect texture. How about the waffle? It’s beyond compare. Cripsy, buttery, tender, and so on and so on. I think about the fritaffle right now, and literally drooling. Well, it’s lunch time, I guess I should eat after this. Pffft, I think that’s why I use the hashtag #yennymakanmulu hahaha. It’s really represent me. Always eat. 😀


Summer Super Bowl 65k

mixed granola with berries compote, chia seeds, nuts, honey yoghurt and milk

Granola was never my favourite. But this one was beyond my expectation. I thought it will be too sour. I was so wrong. It’s fresh, a little bit sour and sweet, of course from the honey yoghurt. And I really love the caramelized pear! Genius dish!



The Havana 125k

the real cubano sandwich, with a choice of pork or chicken, served with ham, cheddar cheese, pickles and spicy fries

I love this sandwich. It’s soft with pork, ham, cheese. Perfect sandwich. The pork was very well-seasoned. It was definitely my favourite sandwich. The spicy fries was also delicious. Love the texture. I was a picky when we talked about fries. Only those with perfect texture will make me happy.


Jucy Lucy 135k

180gr Black Angus Burger with double cheese stuffing, bacon (turkey or pork) and seasoned fries

What a huge burger! The patty was thick and delicious. It was tender and juicy. But the great thing about this burger was the double cheese stuffing in between. We ate the burger sharing each other. So, we didnt’ too full. The food was still coming. How about the seasoned fries? Just perfect.


Lord of Bacon 135k

ham, bacon pork belly, spam and arnold sauce with fried egg

Bacon pork belly. Hmm.. should I say anything? Really, anything? Well ok, it’s juicy and delicious. The spam was also my favourite. LOL. I love everything about pork. I think many people will agree with me. Pork is the most delicious food. I wish everybody can eat pork. Hihihi.. Btw, I love how they put fried egg inside the burger. It was brilliant. Pork and egg. I love those combination. And they can add cheese too. Ugh, drooling!


Yukatan Rice Bowl 90k

with egg, avocado, corn and tortilla

I tried the dish, and I was very sure, this wasn’t my favourite. I didn’t like avocado and tortilla wasn’t my favourite too. So, I won’t say anything more. LOL. Well, I heard some people said, “Ugh it’s so good.” So, it must be good for some people. Not for me. Sorry. Huhuhu..



Mix Berries Waffle 55k

with honey yoghurt and berries compote

As you can see, this one was brighter and prettier. Well, I took this picture outside, so I had a very great light, while the other food was taken inside. *sobbing* so sorry for the difference quality of pictures. But, I believe you guys know the difficulty of taking pictures inside or outside. Well, the texture of the waffle was perfect. I love the honey yoghurt but I didn’t really like the berries compote. Too sour for me. I prefer only a small portion of the berries compote. But, if you like sour dessert, you will love it.


Monkey Business 55k

chocolate, banana and cheese waffle with peanut butter ice cream

Cute name with a delicious taste. And of course, when I saw the name, I knew in a jiffy, it must be banana!!! LOL. I didn’t know why, they happened to have a perfect waffle. It’s crispy enough, buttery and tender at the same time. And the other thing that I liked was.. *drumroll* peanut butter ice cream. Yeah, I was crazy about peanut butter these days. So every dish that has peanut butter will be.. like.. my favourite. 😀


Thank you Publik Markette for inviting me to this lovely event. Cannot wait for the next event. See you soon. 🙂

Publik Markette
Grand Indonesia
East Mall Ground Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta 10310
Phone: 021-23581281
IG: @PublikMarkette

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