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February 14th, 2015. Well, it’s our 14th Valentine’s Day since we met December 2001. And we decided to spend a day at Kota Kasablanka, and the Valentine’s Dinner was celebrated at White Elephant which called themselves as Contemporary Thai Cuisine.

A celebration of the finest Thai cuisine with a modern twist served in modern and comfortable surroundings. Sumptuous entrees, fiery Thai flavors and a wide assortment of exotic desserts makes every visit to white Elephant an occasion to look forward to. Pamper your palate with the aromatic flavors of fine Thai cooking, lovingly presented to you in one elegant dining experience.



From outside, the place looked so moody. When you come in, still moody. LOL. But the place was very cozy for family. It’s calm and comfortable enough to have a lovely dinner.

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The Menu


Plamuk Tord 59k

Fried squid

Squid is my hubby’s favourite appetizer. I myself never thought squid as my favourite snack. So, I just ate 1 piece, and let him ate the rest of them. He said that the fried squid was so good. Yeah, of course, it’s your favourite, not mine. LOL.


Gai Or Nua Phad Nammanhoi 49k

Stir-fried beef in oyster sauce

Surprisingly, delicious!!! I thought it would be like the ordinary stir-fried beef. Turned out, this was addictive. I looked at it and I wanna go back to White Elephant only for this. The stir-fried beef was very tender and juicy. Tasted sweet and savoury. The oyster sauce was very well-seasoned. You should try this one. It’s really really good!!!


Gai Hor Bai Toei 45k

Chicken pandan

This was the must-order dish every time you went to Thai Restaurant. I think it’s their signature. The chicken pandan was always delish. I read somewhere that the secret to the flavourful chicken is the process of the marinade. As long as the chicken absorb all the flavours, it would be perfect.


Man Cheum 27k

Famous cooked tapioca in syrup topped with coconut cream

This was another surprise. I always thought that cooked tapioca wasn’t delicious. Sometimes it’s hard to chew. But this cooked tapioca wasn’t hard. It’s also delicate with sweet coconut cream. Love it. My hubby loved it too. Recommended!


Thank you White Elephant for our lovely Valentine’s Dinner. Even though it’s not full of flowers or chocolate at all, but we had so much fun together. We’ll be back!

White Elephant
Kota Kasablanka Ground Floor
Food Society Unit SF-G27
Jl Casablanca Raya Tebet
Phone: 021-29488686

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