[PHONE REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy J5: Built-In Front Flash Camera

I have always been in love with Samsung products, especially their smartphones. And so it comes as a nice surprise when I got the chance to try their new  SAMSUNG GALAXY J5. OMG! I was so happy. This smartphone has a beautiful design. They had 2 colors, black and white. And I got the white one. So pretty and neat. And I was happier when I saw the specification about their front camera. It comes with a 5MP front camera with LED flash. Wow!

IMG_7581 IMG_7580

Well, actually, I really like taking photos of myself (selfie). Why? Because I can see my good angle, and create a nice picture of myself. LOL. But sometimes my face looks dark when I take photo by myself. That’s why I always wanted a front flash camera for my smartphone. And when I saw the specification, I was like screaming in my head. “This is what I want! This is what I want!” A word VOILA was dancing in my head. Hahaha..

IMG_7683 IMG_7682

 I took picture of myself in a jiffy. And I was very satisfied with the results. Now I can take my photos as many as I want, in bright place or dark place. It’s so fun. Let me show you below the results.


As a foodblogger, I always like to show off what I eat. That’s why sometimes I take pictures in a restaurant, to share to my friends what I eat that day. As you can see below, the picture that I took without flash was quite bright. But when I used the flash, it added the contrast of my face and my food.

without flash

with flash


The result was different when I took my pictures in a dark restaurant. As you can see below, the picture that I took without flash was dark and too much noise. But when I used the flash, it made my face and my food look very bright and clear.

without flash

with flash

You can check about this phone at below link:

Well, you should buy this smartphone right away, take amazing selfie pictures with front camera, upload them on your social media, tag Samsung account, put hashtag #tunJukkanmomenmu and show them your nicest moments.

So, what are you waiting for?


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