Nutmeg Cuisine and Bar Kemang Jakarta

January 4th, 2015. I went to Nutmeg Cuisine and Bar with my best friends. They told me that the place was beautiful and the food was quite fantastic. So, I said to them, “Let’s go there!” Located at Ground Floor in Oktroi Plaza, Nutmeg looked so beautiful at night because of the lights. But I prefer came at noon, to get a brighter photos for my blog.

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When I stepped my foot inside, I fell in love. The place was very lovely. We sat near the windows, in a cloudy day, enjoyed our moment. They had some theme, so I will wow you with my photos. LOL. One of hidden gems in Kemang, I guess. I have always passed this place every time I went to Kemang, because it’s very near my friend’s boarding house. And I was very curious. That’s why I was so excited to come to Nutmeg that day. Let me show you around the place.

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Mushroom Tempura 50k

Mixed mushrooms enoki, champignon and shitake breaded with tempura flour, deep fried and served with soy vinaigrettes and wasabi mayo

My friends told me that their mushroom tempura was very delicious. That’s why I ordered it.  And it was really delicious. The crunchy tempura hook up with the tasty mushrooms. Dip it into the soy vinaigrettes and wasabi mayo, perfect! For those mushroom lovers, you should try this one. Recommended.



Poffertjes 40k

Mini Dutch pancake with icing sugar

Always love poffertjes. Perfect for lazy Sunday. The presentation was simple but tempting. Poffertjes sometimes is called baby pancakes. Adorable, right? Hihihihi. And I just found out that the names poffertjes came from the way these baby pancakes act once you turn them over: puff up. Ugh, so cute. These Poffertjes were fluffy and delicate in every single bites.

Poffertjes are a traditional Dutch batter treat. Resembling small, fluffy pancakes, they are made with yeast and buckwheat flour. Unlike American pancakes, they have a light, spongy texture.


Bitterballen 55k

Deep fried crispy meat and potato balls served with fresh vegetables and balsamic dressing on top

 The bitterballen were fried to perfect golden brown. It’s round, crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside and deliciously hot. Ugh, perfecto. Bitterballen were once a waste-not-want-not way to use up the remaining ragout from making croquettes. Funny thing, the name is bitter, but it doesn’t have a bitter taste at all. I read somewhere that it refers to the tradition of serving those snacks with bitters, such as jenever, a Dutch gin.

Bitterballen are a savoury Dutch meat-based snack, typically containing a mixture of beef or veal, beef broth, butter, flour for thickening, parsley, salt and pepper, resulting in a thick roux.



Sticky Dates Pudding 45k

Homemade sticky date pudding served with butterscotch sauce, double cream chopped peanuts and strawberry and blueberry

Sometimes sticky dates pudding were too sticky, too hard. But this one was perfect. It’s not hard and quite delicate. The butterscotch sauce also went splendid with it, although I prefer more sauce. LOL. Maybe for some people it’s too sweet, but for me it’s perfect.


Mango Panna Cotta 55k

Panna cotta served mango sauce

The texture of this panna cotta was beyond compare. It’s delicate, silky smooth and a little wobbling. The mango sauce was sweet, just like I expected. Attractive colours, combination white from the panna cotta, yellowish from the mango sauce and red from fresh strawberry. And, definitely, recommended!



Strawberry 25k


English Breakfast 25k


We had so much fun at Nutmeg. The calm ambiance made me wanna stay longer there. Will be back again soon.

Nutmeg Cuisine and Bar
Jl. Kemang Utara Raya No.1
Oktroi Plaza Ground Floor
Jakarta 12730
Phone: 021-7195650

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