Robaa Yakitori Grand Indonesia West Mall Thamrin Jakarta

August 26th, 2015. I went to Robaa Yakitori, Grand Indonesia West Mall. It’s their second outlet after Mal Taman Anggrek. Everybody talked about Robaa, so when I had chance to try their new outlet, I said, “Yes, I can come.” Btw, they used to be call by Roba Yakitori. And the owner decided to change the name to Robaa Yakitori. Why? Still a mystery, I guess. LOL. I went with a friend. She was a winner in my last giveaway, and I wanna give her the prize. She worked near Grand Indonesia, so yeah, I asked her to join me. 😀

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Located in level 5, Robaa Yakitori was very eye-catching with large skewer in front of their outlet. They decorated the place with minimalist furnitures and warm lightings. They had stalls full of fresh ingredients with open kitchen. They used to have the customers picked the food. But it’s not efficient, so they changed the way to order. Let me show you this outlet.

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The Menu



Yakitori Bento 3E 57k

Beef Enoki Teriyaki, Chicken Leg Miso, Shitake Teriyaki

This bento had steamed rice, beef enoki teriyaki, chicken leg miso, shitake teriyaki, served with steamed tamago, sautéed onions and enoki. The chicken leg miso was very tender. Love it. The steamed tamago was slightly sweet. I prefer savoury, actually. Shitake teriyaki, surprisingly, was very good. Tasted delicious with a light chewy texture. Beef enoki teriyaki was quite good too, but less favourite. Overall, it made your tummy full and happy.



from to left to right

Chicken Breast Garlic Cream 15k

Salmon Wasabi Butter 32k

Beef Lettuce Teriyaki 23k

Beef Tenderloin Teriyaki 27k

Chicken Ball Teriyaki 15k

Beef Lettuce Teriyaki became my favourite. Quite unique that the lettuce wrapped by the beef. Tasted so sweet, I was in love. Then chicken breast garlic cream (flavourful and tasty), beef tenderloin (tender and juicy), chicken ball teriyaki (quite big for chicken ball *big grin*), and last but not least, salmon wasabi butter (my least favourite because I didn’t like wasabi).



Pumpkin Garlic Cream 15k

Not. My. Favourite. At. All. LOL. But it’s true. I had a small bite, and I made up my mind. Me no likey. The pumpkin was not tender. And it tasted weird in my mouth. I guess, I just didn’t like pumpkin. *sigh* But, for some people, I think this is delicious. Well, maybe you should try by yourself and tell me your opinion. 🙂



from left to right

Chicken Breast Katsu 18k

Beef Katsu 18k

Those katsu were deep fried. Delicious but maybe next time I try chicken leg katsu. Because chicken breast was a little bit chewy than the leg. Chicken leg is more tender than chicken breast. Ok ok, I know everybody knows that. LOL. The beef katsu was delicious too. Ugh, I guess it’s all delicious, right?



Inari Spicy Salmon 25k

I loved it. It’s big. Hohoho.. It’s a little bit spicy, but it’s delicious. It’s addicting, trust me. The rice and the salmon was very tasty. Perfect for each other. I ate almost all of it, because my friend didn’t like spicy food. Well, I used to be like that. But recently, I trained myself to eat spicy food. And, it was worth the effort. 🙂 Btw, the filling was very generous. Ugh, I want it now!!!


Salmon Mayo Roll 29k

I don’t know why, but their salmon was very delicious. I mean, every salmon dish in this place was terrific. This was also amazing. It’s not gorgeous, no it’s not. But I could eat this roll all by myself. The rice was tasty, and the salmon was perfect. Well, the mayo is the star. What could go wrong with mayo? None. 🙂


Salmon Sashimi 33k

4 slices of salmon sashimi in one plate. Fresh with subtle flavour and delicate texture. When I came to Japanese restaurant, the first menu that I wanna try was always salmon sashimi. Always love salmon sashimi. And this salmon sashimi was one of the best.



Matcha Brownies Sundae 22k

Matcha was my latest favourite. Sweet matcha, of course, because I didn’t really like the bitter of it. And this one was sweet. The texture was soft. Very delicate. The brownies weren’t special. I think I can pass the brownies. But the matcha was delish. If you like sweet matcha, yeah you will love it. Quite recommended. Will be back for this. 😀



Cold Ocha (free flow) 10k


Overall, I had so much fun at Robaa. Definitely will ask my buddies to join me in the next visit. Definitely. See you soon ya. 🙂

Robaa Yakitori
Grand Indonesia West Mall
Level 5 Unit ED 2-03
Jl. MH Thamrin
Phone: 082280080080
IG: @robaayakitori


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