[BOGOR] Sop Duren Lodaya Bogor Selatan

January 2nd, 2015. I went to Sop Duren Lodaya when I visited Bogor. So many people said that it was so good. That’s why when my Mom and sisters wanna go there, I came along with them. We drove in about 15-20 minutes from hotel.

IMG_8625 IMG_8627

The Ambiance

We chose to eat at first floor because the second floor was mostly with sofas. We wanna eat in a hurry so didn’t have time to eat while chit chat etc. The first floor was much smaller but more convenient to eat, I guess. Actually when I came in, I expected the place was more beautiful. The place was not too big. I had to fit myself in a crowd.

IMG_8629 IMG_8636

Sop Durian Lengkap 14k [2 toppings] 15k [3 toppings]

Served with green bean, white glutinous and pandan bread


Sop Durian Brorry (Brownies + Strawberry) 16k

Served with Strawberry from Ciwidey Bandung and Amanda Brownies from Bandung


Sop Durian Regal 18k

Served with Marie Regal


Spesial Sop Durian 23k

Served with more durians and cheddar cheese


Roti Bakar Durian 17k

Served with cheddar cheese and durian sauce


I won’t review one by one because they tasted almost the same. The differences of them were only the toppings. And I was a bit disappointed because it’s not as good as I expected. Well, maybe I had high expectation because I heard this place was ah-maa-zeeeng *sigh* The durian wasn’t that tasty. The texture of the sop was just okay. Needed more durian, I guess. Or maybe it’s not our day? *sobbing* Well, next time I go there, I hope I will have a better experience.

Sop Duren Lodaya
Jl. Pahlawan No. 131
Bogor Selatan, Bogor
Phone: 085217000189
IG: @sopdurenlodaya