Bari-Uma Ramen Citywalk Sudirman Jakarta

May 24th, 2015. I had invitation to join blogger’s gathering but couldn’t come. So that’s why I came to Bari-Uma Ramen another day with my hubby for a lunch date. We love pork ramen LOL. I looked at my friends’ Instagram account and literally drooling. One day, I asked hubby to join me to taste this new place. Yaaaay, he said. 🙂


Located in Citywalk Sudirman, Bari-uma was the first outlet in Indonesia. It came from Japan, expanded to Singapore and Malaysia, and now Indonesia. The place was comfortable with Japanese ambiance and decorations. Not very big, but quite cozy.

Bariuma means Bari (Super) Uma (Tasty). Bariuma Ramen has been successfully developed in Hiroshima Japan and it is one of the most successful business models ever developed among Japanese restaurants in the world. The founder of Bariuma Ramen believes that a tasty bowl of ramen has to have super rich and thick soup suit to the modern style. We found out the solution for this, and developed the Rich Tonkotsu soy sauce based with the fines soya sauce and cooked with authentic Tonkotsu Flavour. Now, after opening more than 50 outlets in Japan, Bariuma Ramen is ready to be offered and expanded to other countries including Indonesia. We aim to deliver joyous experience through the authentic taste of our Tonkotsu Super tasty Ramen directly from Japan. Bariuma Ramen shall strive our best to serve all our customers the best ultimate ramen every single day. We put our heart in every bowl of Ramen we serve.

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The Menu


Ajitama-Uma 68k

Pork flavoured shoyu soup, with grilled thick-cut chashu and flavoured egg.

While others will try Bariuma Ramen, I prefer this Ajitama-Uma because they add the egg as the additional topping. Unfortunately the egg wasn’t half-boiled. I prefer half-boiled. *sobbing* But, the chashu was perfect. Right now, I’m drooling for their chashu. Should go back again there. Btw, the broth was thick. Hmmm.. quite nice, I guess.


Chashu-Uma 88k

Pork flavoured shoyu soup, with grilled thick-cut 4 pcs of chashu.

No need to say anything. Definitely I chose this because of the extra chashu.  As you can see below, the noodle had a nice firm and perfect texture. But again with the chashu, it was melt-in-your-mouth perfection. So juicy, so tender, so perfect. Very recommended!!

IMG_4518 IMG_4520

Aburi-Salmon 55k

Grilled salmon

The marinated salmon was delicious. But for me, it’s not that special. Maybe I should order the aburi-chashu. LOL. Yeah, pork is my true love, I guess. *wink at my hubby* Well, it was savoury, tender and flavourful. But, for salmon, I prefer sashimi. 🙂


Definitely will have to be back here again. Wait for me Bari-Uma. Soon!!!

Bari-Uma Ramen
Citywalk Sudirman
1st Floor
Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur
Phone: (021) 29704018
IG: @bariumaramenid

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