Ninety-Nine Restaurant Grand Indonesia East Mall Thamrin Jakarta

August 16th, 2015. I went to Ninety-Nine Restaurant at East Mall Grand Indonesia. Located near Ranch Market – since Ninety-Nine is Ranch Market’s – the ambiance was very cozy with garden atmosphere. Lovely.


Imagine yourself being in a place that’s casual yet exclusive, warm yet full of laughter, rustic feel of a European setting. The casual warmth of the ambience will accommodate your needs of a wonderful hang-out-dining place.

I went there last year with my best friends. We only ordered dessert and drinks, but we had fun. I remember the place was a good place to hang out. But I sat inside, in smoking area. Different ambiance than the non-smoking area. The non-smoking area was more suitable for family, I guess.

Smoking Area

IMG_7009 IMG_7000 IMG_7002 IMG_7007

Non-Smoking Area

IMG_6993 IMG_6994 IMG_7011 IMG_7015


Seared Scallops 129k

Celeriac puree and citrus essence

First impression: I thought it was banana with mango sauce. LOL. It really looked like it hahaha.. Well, I was impressed by the looks of it. Pretty. And the texture of the scallops was amazing. They cooked it at the perfect texture. Tasted like scallops, of course. Mildly sweet, with delicate flavour. To eat this dish, dip the scallops into the puree, piece by piece, tasted amazing!!

Celeriac, also called turnip-rooted celery or knob celery, is a variety of celery cultivated for its edible roots, hypocotyl, and shoots. It is sometimes called celery root.


Louisiana Crab Cakes 79k

Salad, dressing

I was sooooo skeptical. I found it very hard to capture it by my camera. No way I could make it beautiful. So yeah, I stopped trying. LOL. But.. Yup, there’s a “but.” It tasted so crazy freaking delicious. The flavours blend so well.


Caesar Salad 69k

Baby Romaine, home made Caesar dressing, turkey bacon, Parmesan

Love the croutons!! LOL. Actually, this caesar salad was delicious. To me, caesar salad is the star of salad. It’s classic, delicious and easy to make. Always my choice for salads. The baby romaine was very fresh. Crunch crunch. 🙂



Wagyu Rossini Burger 189k

Wagyu beef patty, foie gras, onion rings, enoki mushrooms, charcoal bun, truffle fries

I expected nothing from the truffle fries. But, it was unbelievably delicious. It’s like eating truffle with fries, not on the contrary. About the burger. Hmm.. I love the foie gras. Always love foie gras. OMG! Drooling for foie gras!!! Ok, back to the wagyu burger. Remember Yen, the star was the wagyu, not the foie gras. LOL. The burger is named after 19th century Italian composer Giachino Rossini who loved food. The wagyu was tender and juicy but a little bit bland. The charcoal bun not too fragrant for a charcoal bun. But, the foie gras was amazing. *Yeah right, back to the foie gras* 😀


Braised Beef Cheeks 169k

Mashed potatoes, vegetables

My favourite. I remember my best friend told me that it’s not that easy to make mashed potato. If a chef could make a delicious mashed potato, he or she definitely was a great chef. And the mashed potatoes here were beyond compare!  The red wine jus was also delicious. The beef cheeks? Delicate and tender and juicy and heaven and scrumptious and every similar words that can replace the word “delicious.” Very recommended!


Crispy Pork Knuckle 119k

Slow roasted pork knuckle, buttered rice, vegetable, chili flakes

I love pork. But crispy pork wasn’t one of my favourites. I prefer the tender skin than the crispy skin. So, for this dish, I only loved the buttered rice. It’s so delicious, I wanna finish it all by myself. It’s so fragrant, buttery and very savoury. Love it.

IMG_7063 IMG_7066

Bebek Bakar Cabai Hijau 119k

Grilled duck, steamed rice, urap, kentang balado

I only tried a small bite. It’s so spicy. But smelled so good. Huft. Me and my fear of spicy food. Hahaha. But I’m getting better with spicy food. 🙂


Baked Chicken Breast 99k

Mozzarella, turkey bacon, mushroom salad

For me, this dish was just fine. Not very special. Well, chicken breast was never my favourite, actually. I prefer chicken thigh. But the presentation was very pretty. Yellow, red and green in one plate. Colourful dish. Beautiful.



Banana Nutella Crepe 69k

Vanilla ice cream, toasted almonds, whipped cream

Read somewhere: “To make everybody happy, you must first become a Nutella jar.” LOL. That’s how much I love Nutella. This dessert was very recommended! I love the presentation too. It’s like sushi roll. The banana was sweet and tender. The Nutella? Say no more about it. The crepe was delicate.


Oreo Lemon Cheesecake 49k

Oreo cookies, cream cheese

Not really a fan of cheesecake. So, for me, it’s just an ordinary cheese cake. 😛



Pink Lychee Iced Tea 44k

Lychee, grapefruit syrup, mint, tea

Iced Lychee & Pomelo 46k

Lychee, pomelo, grapefruit syrup, soda


Iced Honey & Lemon 46k

Manuka honey, lemon

Iced Watermelon 38k

Watermelon, strawberry, mint, watermelon syrup, soda


Toasted Marshmallow 138k

baileys, dark rum, coffee ice cream


Toblerone 138k

baileys, kahlua, frangelico, chocolate, cream


Cotton Candy 138k

tequila, cranberry syrup, lime


Thank you Ninety-Nine for the hospitality. Definitely will come again.

Ninety-Nine Restaurant
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
LG Floor East Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin No 1
Jakarta 10210
Phone: 021-23581196
IG: @ninetyninejkt

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