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August 5th, 2015. Came back to my favourite Chinese restaurant. Pearl Chinese Restaurant at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta. I was in love with this restaurant since my birthday lunch there. They provided delicious food and beverage. They called it “the ingenuity of authentic Cantonese cuisine is offered by our modern day Chinese restaurant.”


Every 15th day of eight in Lunar month, Chinese people celebrate the mid-autumn festival from generations to generations. Considered as one of the most important festivals, they treasured the wonderful occasion for reunion, thanksgiving and praying. As the tradition to reconnect and maintain good relationship, people send their blessings and good-luck to the families, friends and colleague by giving moon cakes as the symbol of good wishes, prosperity and also harmony for those who receive it.

For resplendent gifts this Mid-Autumn, our Executive Chinese Chef John Chu has prepared the true delicacy of mooncakes. In addition to the traditional baked mooncake; white lotus paste with single/double egg yolk, debuting this season is our delicate handcrafted white lotus paste with black sesame and chocolate and custard milk mooncake. The comeback of our signature bamboo charcoal with pandan and coconut along with red bean paste also complement this celebrated festival.

IMG_6666 IMG_6667 IMG_6632

I really love the ambiance there. Actually they moved the tables so we had a small hall in the restaurant. Such a nice place to have gathering there. They served the mooncakes in a sample size, but you could try all of them. I walked around the restaurant to try all of their mooncakes. Well, let me show you what they had.

IMG_6633 IMG_6636 IMG_6784

Chef John Chu taught us how to make a mooncake. It looked easy, but when I tried myself, it was not that easy. LOL. I needed to practice more, I guess. Hahaha.. But, yeah, I tried, and my mooncake was pretty enough. 🙂

IMG_6702 IMG_6717 IMG_6781

Large Bamboo Charcoal with Pandan Coconut 488k/box/4pcs or 88k/pc

One of the unique combinations of mooncake exists, which combines two familiar local flavours with the aroma of pandan and sweetness of coconut. Actually, this was my favourite. Really love it. The aroma of pandan and sweetness of coconut turned out to be a perfect collaboration. I couldn’t stop eat those delicious moon cake. Wrapped in bamboo charcoal, this mooncake gives you the extra benefit of absorbing the toxic from the body. Recommended!


Small Bamboo Charcoal with Pandan Coconut 468k/box/6pcs or 58k/pc


Baked Large White Lotus with Single Yolk 488k/box/4pcs or 88k/pc

Salty egg yolk was never my favourite. But in those white lotus paste, the salty egg yolk became scrumptious.  The salty egg yolk beautifully blends with the sweetness from the white lotus paste. It is a perfect combination of sweet and savory. A whole salted egg yolk is placed in the center of mooncake to symbolize the full moon.


Baked Small White Lotus with Yolk 468k/box/6pcs or 58k/pc


Baked Large Red Bean Paste 488k/box/4pcs or 88k/pc

This mooncake is filled with a rich, thick, red bean paste, and taste sweet and smooth. Love the red bean paste. The red bean paste gives a lingering flavor, and the scent fills your mouth after each bite. A cup of Chinese tea is a good choice to go with them. I could imagine myself chit chat with friends while munching the mooncake and sip my chinese tea. Hmmm.. amazing.


Baked Small Red Bean Paste 468k/box/6pcs or 58k/pc


Large Chocolate with Custard Milk 488k/box/4pcs or 88k/pc

The wonderful pairing of chocolate and milk custard is a decadent treat. Chocolate never failed me. Mix it with custard milk, it was perfect. The fusion of traditional Chinese culture and Western romantic culture together, make Mid-Autumn Festival more romantic.


Small Chocolate with Custard Milk 468k/box/6pcs or 58k/pc


Large White Lotus with Black Sesame 488k/box/4pcs or 88k/pc

It is certainly a lovely alternative for the foodies. The delicate texture of the white lotus paste compliments the black sesame distinctive fragrant and savory flavor on your palate is one to remember. It’s so unique with the white colour. Love it.


Small White Lotus with Black Sesame 468k/box/6pcs or 58k/pc


Baked Large White Lotus with Double Yolk 488k/box/4pcs or 88k/pc

It’s no different with the previous white lotus with single yolk. It’s only add the yolk. Double yolk. Double the deliciousness.


Baked Small White Lotus Plain 468k/box/6pcs or 58k/pc


Available from August 1 until October 8, our home-made Precious and Treasures mooncake packages are presented with luxurious red and gold boxes, make an elegant gift for your family or esteemed business partners. Our Precious mooncake comes with four large mooncake (488k+), while the Treasure has six mooncakes in six different flavors (468k). Guests may purchase this enticing delicacy at Pearl Chinese Restaurant and the moon cake counter located in the lobby area from 10am until 10pm.

Poached Cantonese Chicken Dumpling and vegetable

served with spring onion, changefei soy, chili oil

This was my favourite! I won’t sugarcoat this for you, but it was definitely one of the best. It’s so tasty, even the vegetable was delicious. The broth was very rich. Tasted good. Very recommended.

IMG_6676 IMG_6789

Drunken Prawn, Sea Clam, Chicken

served black fungus, soy chili sauce

Love the prawn and everything in it. It’s not fishy at all. I think I was the one that drunk, not the prawn hahaha..

IMG_6675 IMG_6792

Peking Duck

served with truffle, spinach pancake

Never really liked peking duck. I prefer roasted duck.

IMG_6672 IMG_6788

BBQ Charshew Chicken with carrot mantou

filled with iceberg and chicken floss

Not my favourite because it’s too spicy for me. But the charshew chicken was tasty and tender. The carrot mantou was surprisingly good. I never thought it will be that appetizing.

IMG_6681 IMG_6794


filled with bean sprout, roasted peanut, fried garlic, egg, lettuce and bean sauce

IMG_6683 IMG_6796

Thanks JW Marriott and Pearl Chinese Restaurant. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. 🙂

Pearl Chinese Restaurant
JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta
Jl. DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung
Kav. E.1.2 No. 1 & 2
Mega Kuningan, Jakarta 12950
Phone: 021-57988888
IG: @jwmarriottjkt

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