Chronicle Coffee and Cocktails Dharmawangsa Jakarta

May 24th, 2015. I heard about this place a long time ago. LOL. Yup, and I went there months ago hahaha.. But, I will tell you the story about this place, today. 🙂


Chronicle is a coffee and cocktails outlet, located across of Dharmawangsa Square. It was very easy to find this place. When you came in, you would find a very modest place. Minimalist in every detail of it. In a wooden ambiance, this place was nice and comfortable. I believe I can stay all day long there, just to enjoy the ambiance.

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The Menu


Ice Tea Flavoured 28k


Popcorn Chicken 40k

A perfect snack for snacking. My hubby really loved it. I heard that this was a popular snack there. And I finally knew why. It was crunchy yet tender with just the right taste. Recommended.


Traditional Belitung Noodles 45k

When they served this noodle to our table, I was very skeptical. Looked very spicy. But, turned out, it’s only a little bit spicy. In fact, it was very delicious! Consists of fried tofu, fish cake and small pieces of shrimp, this dish was perfectly delightful. We could ask for egg noodle or spaghetti for the noodle. But either one, the texture was very delicate. It’s a family recipe, so I had no doubt about the authenticity. And one more thing, it’s addictive! Very recommended!


I heard that their truffle noodle was also delicious. I should go back to Chronicle and try the truffle noodle. Also the lobster roll, and also the buttermilk chicken burger, and ugh I think everything! Ok, definitely should be back. LOL.

Chronicle Coffee and Cocktails
Jalan Wijaya II No. 73
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12160
Phone: 0821-8888-1538
IG: @ChronicleJkt


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