Holy Smokes Wolter Monginsidi Jakarta

July 10th, 2015. Say “Hello” to Holy Smokes. As the latest brainchild from the creative mind of Albert Wijaya, Chef and Owner behind Ersons Foods, Holy Smokes brings a Texas slow-smoked BBQ House at its very best. They will be open soon.


Located at Wolter Monginsidi, Holy Smokes was quite easy to find. The interior design was very simple. Industrial looks, but very light. When I stepped in to the place, I felt very comfortable. Holy Smokes served in a fast-casual dining concept. Well, let me show you a little detail about this place. Ah, I forgot to tell you that I was there around 4pm. Errr, too early, I know. That’s because I was afraid that there will be traffic jam around that time. So, I prefer came early, then I took pictures, and waited for others foodies.


How to order the food? First you queue and order your food, then they will give you this pager. You just need to wait. When your order is ready, the pager will ringing and blinking. Then it’s time for you to pick up your food.


Before we ate, Chef Albert did the magic first. A little cooking demo for all of us.

Albert said, “We are very excited to be able to introduce Holy Smokes, an American slow-smoked BBQ house. Its signature low n’ slow smoking style, quick service, and casual atmosphere are what a smokehouse should be.”


Now I will show you how the food will be served. For the dinner, they gave me small platter, so I could try everything. I loved the Baked Beans 22k as their side dish. It’s really perfect for my palate. I also loved the Onion Straws 45k as their signature side dish. It’s very delicious. Made of the freshest onions, thinly sliced into “straws” and deep fried creating a crispy and fulfilling texture. I like the Pulled Brisket Sandwich 88k. The french fries that came along with the sandwich? Not my favourite.  The bbq chicken wasn’t my favourite either. It’s too dry and a little bit tasteless. Need improvement, I guess. The beef brisket? Outstanding!


Smoky Beef Brisket 142k (three slices with two sides)

Served in slices, and made up of the flat end and point end that combines the juicy and lean sides of the meat in each slice. Beef brisket has a reputation as a tougher cut of meat, but our own way of smoking them for 14-hours transforms the brisket into melt-in-your-mouth perfection!


Texas Short Ribs 278k (with two sides)

A thick, richly-marbled beef short ribs that is slow-smoked for 6 hours at low temperature, bringing out the ultimate tenderness of the meat. The Short Ribs have a rather short bone, but have a thick, juicy meat at the top and is often considered to be the most tender and premium of all different beef ribs cuts.


Southern Style Beef Ribs 263k (with two sides)

This is another signature dish from the brand. It is made of the beef back ribs that have a longer bone compared to any other rib cuts and have most of its thick meats in between the bones. They are smoked for 4-hours which yields a juicy and a little chewy texture that provides a primal and satisfying eating experience.


BBQ Chicken 150k (whole size with two sides)


BBQ Chicken Salad 55k


Congratulations Holy Smokes and Chef Albert. Keep up the good food!!!

Holy Smokes – Slow Smoked BBQ
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 27
Jakarta 12180
Phone: 021-7221795
IG: @holysmokesid