Gandy Steak House epiwalk Rasuna Epicentrum Kuningan Jakarta

April 22nd, 2015. I went to epiwalk with hubby, and we decided to try Gandy Steak House. Located at Ground Floor MediaWalk, the place was quite nice with wooden furnitures and dim lights.


It was 6pm, and nobody’s there except us. Well, we’re hungry, so we ordered and waited patiently. But actually the first impression wasn’t very nice. The woman in front didn’t greet us nicely. When we asked something [I totally forgot what it was], she said she will get the supervisor. But he never came to our table. When I asked something to the server, he replied with confused face. And I still didn’t get the answer. LOL. Well, let them be, I show you the place first, then.

IMG_3439 IMG_3440 IMG_3444

The Menu


While we waited, they served us complimentary bread with butter.

It was very delicious. I always love their bread and butter. Fluffy texture with buttery flavour. Hmmm.. delish..


Iced Lemon Tea 23k

Iced tea mixed with lemon juice and fresh sliced lemon.


Steak Ala Gandy 91k

The authentic recipe of Gandy’s grilled beef steak served with our famous butter sauce.

Still the best after all these years. They really had this unique flavour that we cannot find elsewhere. The steak was tender and well-seasoned. And of course, it was super tasty.

IMG_3448 IMG_3450 IMG_3460

Chicken Steak 71k

Gandy’s special breaded chicken breast served with our famous butter sauce.

Always love their chicken steak. The texture of the chicken was very tender. And of course their butter sauce was really enhanced their flavour. I wonder what’s in the sauce.. Hmm.. Should ask Mom to join me next time LOL

IMG_3453 IMG_3455

Homemade Gelato 22k

Gandy’s signature gelato with a selection of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavour.

The chocolate was dark chocolate. Love it because it’s not overly sweet. Served with coco crunch cereal, the gelato was never failed me. One of the best gelato so far, I guess.


It’s very near my apartment. Maybe I will be back some time. But, I hope they improve their services.

Gandy Steak House
Epicentrum Walk
MediaWalk Ground Floor
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone: 021-29941078

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