Shirokuma Cafe Grand Indonesia West Mall Thamrin Jakarta

3rd April 2015. I went to Shirokuma Cafe with my hubby. Located in Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, it was very easy to find. It was near ATM Centre in level 3A at West Mall. Actually I was curious about this place, but turned out, my hubby was more curious. He forced me to try this place. So, “Okay, let us try.”


The place was crowded. I couldn’t take many photos there. So, please enjoy my humble photos. I tried to capture where no one’s there LOL. Sooo hard. Hahaha..

IMG_2727 IMG_2728 IMG_2725 IMG_2722

The Menu


Matcha Soft Cream 15k

Matcha green tea flavoured Japanese soft ice cream

Actually, it’s very pretty. But I prefer more matcha flavour!! *big grin* A little bit too milky for me. But, the good thing, it’s not overly sweet. Just the perfect sweet. I love the texture too. Soft and fluffy. Love it.


Chocolate Soft Cream 15k

Chocolate flavoured Japanese soft ice cream

Same texture with different flavour. Prefer this one than the matcha. Well, maybe because I’m a chocolate lover. I love everything about chocolate. Actually, my family love everything about chocolate LOL. Just like I read somewhere about chocolate. “9 out 10 people like chocolate. The 10th person always lies.


Snow Milo 40k

It’s a cotton candy on top of vanilla ice cream with a shot of milo. You pour the milo to the ice cream, through the cotton candy. What a cute way to drink a snow milo. But, watch out! It’s super duper sweet. Please order some mineral water to balance the sweetness. Fyi, you can see the picture when I pour the snow with milo at my Instagram @yennymichael


Kuro Japadog 45k with additional cheese 5k

Teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and Nori

Pork sausage with teriyaki sauce, overflow Japanese mayonnaise and lots of Nori. Actually the black hot dog bun wasn’t that special, but I love the pork sausage. Too much teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise, but lots of Nori was cool. So yeah, I think I like it but not in love with it. Maybe I should ask for less teriyaki sauce.

IMG_2739 IMG_2738

Overall, I love this cafe. If I wanna have some dessert when I am in Grand Indonesia, I will be back to this place. A really nice place to chit chat with your buddies while slurping your soft cream.

Shirokuma Cafe
Grand Indonesia Mall
Level 3A West Mall
Unit ED1-21
Jl. MH Thamrin
IG: @cafe_shirokuma

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