Watt Coffee Kwitang Senen Jakarta

June 2nd, 2015. I went to Watt Coffee with “crazy” fellow foodies LOL. Actually it was my first time there. I was stunned by the place. It was not so big, but not so small. It was quite cozy and comfortable. Smoking area was outside, while non-smoking area was inside.


We are located right in the heart of Jakarta Pusat area. Close by to Hotel Aryaduta. We outfitted the place with a cozy ambience for you to sip by your coffee whether you are working or having a day off. Connect with your friends with our blazing fast free wi-fi. You can connect to our baristas for a time of insights or maybe even share your heart out.

IMG_4725 IMG_4728

As you can see above, the outdoor terrace of the coffee shop, which is their smoking area, was very nice. The table covered by big umbrella. So comfy. And they had a very spacious parking lot. Nice.. hahaha.. I knew right away, my hubby will love this place. Yeah, he didn’t like a place with small parking lot. 🙂 Now, you can see below, the interior inside the coffee shop. When I sat at the sofa, I was snug as bug in rug. I wanted to stay there all day long. Believe me, it was that cozy. Let me show you around the place.

IMG_4734 IMG_4733 IMG_4731 IMG_4730

Btw, they served us cucumber water to refresh our throat. Hmm.. really thirst-quenching.. And it’s free!!! Hooray!! LOL. So happy when I got something for free hahahaha..


“If coffee is a drug then it has to be the best drug in the world.”

Cappuccino 30k

“Happiness is Cappuccino.” Actually, Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink. It’s traditionally prepared with espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam. It’s a very ordinary coffee. What’s the difference between the cappuccino from one coffee shop to another? I guess the way they serve it. It’s the cup, the art latte, the place, the people, and every detail like that. So, yeah, everybody loves cappuccino. 🙂


Red Velvet Latte 32k

Love the colour and the beautiful art latte. Actually it’s one of their signatures. The red colour was very gorgeous. This wasn’t my latte, so I just admiring the latte from a distance. LOL. So, yeah I guess, next time I should try this one. Hope it was as good as the look. 🙂


Hot Chocolate 32k

When I looked at my hot chocolate, I was like, “OMG. So pretty. I don’t wanna ruin it. Never.” But still, I drank it as soon as I finished taking picture of it. And it was exactly the same as my expectation. The sweetness flavour was just perfect. The texture was beyond compare. Recommended!


Three Batter Platter 45k

Potato wedges, sweet potato and onion rings. A very good combination in one plate. The onion rings were nice with crispy skin and sweet onions. The potato wedges and sweet potato were tasty. Not my favourite, but quite good.


Tofu Pancake with Shrimp Paste 45k

My favourite!! At first, I thought it was Martabak Telur. How do you say martabak telur in english? Hmm.. egg fried pancake? egg martabak? Well, I guess you know what I mean LOL. It was very delicious. The skin was crispy and crunchy. The tofu was tender and tasty. High recommended!!


Chicken Wings 55k

The chicken wings served with potato wedges. It was a little bit spicy. Not my favourite, but I guess it’s like any other chicken wings. Everybody’s favourite, right? 🙂


Chicken Strip 50k

Love it!! A little bit too salty, but only a little bit. I was satisfied by their size hahaha it was quite big.. Definitely will be on my next order. Chicken strip was always a lovely snack for chit chat with friends or family. No bone, just meat. Crunchy crunchy snack. Re-co-mmended!!!


Asian Strip 55k

Spicy! LOL. Well, it’s crispy caramelized chicken with spicy chilli sauce, served with potato wedges. It’s their signature. Too bad it’s too spicy so I couldn’t enjoy it. Well, I think next time I will ask them to remove the spiciness. Ugh cannot wait to go back there again.


Overall, it was fun to have a gathering at Watt Coffee. Thanks Alfred for your hospitality. You really know how to treat customers. Hey, readers, if you are around the area, do not hesitate to go there. It’s a simply beautiful coffee shop. You won’t regret. Friendly people. What could go wrong? Nada!!!


Watt Coffee
Jl. Kwitang Raya No. 14
Senen, Central Jakarta
Phone: 021-38902803
IG: @WattCoffee



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