Happy Day Restaurant Juanda Jakarta

May 30th, 2015. I went to Happy Day Restaurant. Located in Juanda area, the place stood there for almost 22 years old. I remember when it opened for the first time, I was like, “Wow, what a cute name. Happy Day. Must be a nice place to be happy.” But, I’ve never had a chance to try the place. Until now.


Happy Day Restaurant served Indonesian, Chinese, Western and Italian cuisine. So we could order from Gado-Gado to Pizza. 🙂 The place was spacious with high ceiling and wooden furnitures with open kitchen. Let me show you around the place.

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Happyday Delight 26.9k

Love it!! Thirst-quenching drink with sweet orange flavour and fresh sensation from the soda. Actually when I came to Happy Day, the weather was so hot I thought I could melt right away. So, when they served us this drink, it’s like “heaven.” LOL. True, it’s very nice to drink happyday delight on hot weather. So nice!!!


Summer Punch 17.9k

Such a beau. Yes, a very beautiful drink. The name was pretty too. It’s a drink with colourful jelly, strawberry fruits and basil seeds with passionfruit and simple syrup. Another thirst-quenching drink. 🙂


Mushroom Soup 18.9k

Mushroom soup has been one of my favourite when we talk about a starter. Even though this mushroom soup was too creamy, but I love their generous mushroom. 🙂 It’s big portion for a starter, but I think it’s worth the price.


Beef Lover Pizza 31.9k

Created for the beef lovers, this Beef Lover Pizza was piled high with beef, bell pepper, mushroom and mozzarella. Actually I was happy that they made a thick crusted pizza, because so many restaurants made thin crusted pizza nowadays. The crust was crispy and it was generous with the topping. Love it.


“Monster” Cheese Burger 73.9k

This “Monster” Cheese Burger was quite huge. It consists of beef patty, cheese, those vegetables, and of course mayonnaise. Well, I was skeptical when I looked at the beef patty. Looked dry not juicy. But when I ate it, it was juicy and delicious. Well, don’t judge a book by its cover, right? LOL.


Aglio Olio 31.9k

Spicy! Super spicy! Couldn’t stand it. *sobbing* It was super duper spicy. I had no idea how everybody could eat that. Well, they said it was delicious. I guess next time I should ask for the non-spicy one. 🙂


Chocolate Melt 28.9k

Actually I was a little bored with chocolate melt. Quoted from my buddy, “Every place had chocolate melt for their dessert.” And their taste was almost similar one to another. But, thank goodness, I found this chocolate melt was delicious. Served with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Recommended!


Thank you Happy Day and Indonesian Foodblogger for the lovely event. Finally, I could taste those delicious food and drinks and desserts with fellow foodies. Keep up the good job, Happy Day. Jia you!!

Happy Day Restaurant
JL. Ir H Juanda No. 19
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: 021-3858245
IG: @happyday_resto