GODIVA Chocolatier Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

May 18th, 2015. I went to GODIVA Chocolatier, after a very nice lunch. It’s time for another desserts! LOL. I should meet the brand manager but too bad she stucked in some meeting. So the people there helped me to taste the latest chocolixir. 🙂


The interior of the place didn’t change at all. Ugh, it’s like yesterday 🙂 This was my 3rd visit and I still love the place.

IMG_4344 IMG_4338 IMG_4340

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Chocolixir 60k

The world’s premium chocolatier GODIVA is proudly launching the limited Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Chocolixir, combining the richest dark chocolate and finest hazelnut in one icy drink. The perfect combination of hazelnut and silky cream delivers a smooth and sweet texture, the pleasure from the chocolixir is instantly enhanced in this summer. The GODIVA Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Chocolixir is mixed with smoothing ice, experiencing the revitalizing effect with every sip you take. Don’t miss out on this must-have summer treat this year!

Dark chocolate and hazelnut. What could go wrong? GODIVA’s dark chocolate was delicious on its own. It was rich and a little bit bitter. Combined it with the nutty flavour of hazelnut, it was so delicate and buttery. I sipped it and couldn’t wait to finish it. Recommended!

IMG_4347 IMG_4349 IMG_4350

Dark Chocolate Banana Chocolixir 60k

Inspired by your favorite banana split. Sip a blend of banana and decadent GODIVA Dark Chocolate. The perfect summer drink!

It’s a little bit lighter than the Hazelnut Chocolixir. Smooth chocolate with a hint of banana. It will indulging your taste bud. The banana wasn’t overpowered the chocolate, and the chocolate did the same. They just completed at each other. 🙂

IMG_4366 IMG_4368

Moelleux Caramel Framboise

A rich and smooth raspberry flavoured caramel enrobed in dark chocolate.


Moelleux Caramel Pecan

Crunchy pecan filled in vanilla flavoured caramel enrobed in milk chocolate.


Éclat Feuilletine

Crispy hazelnut praliné with small pieces of feuilletine in a triangular milk chocolate shell strewn with caramelized hazelnuts pieces. This was my favourite!


Thanks GODIVA. Cannot wait to taste your new flavours. 🙂

GODIVA Chocolatier Indonesia Plaza Indonesia Level 1, Unit 114 Jl. MH Thamrin, Kav 28-30 Jakarta Telp: 021-29923972 IG: @godiva



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