[BANDUNG] Saka Bistro & Bar Sukajadi Bandung

March 28th, 2015. Actually I wanted to blog about this place last month. But too many distractions. LOL. So, here we go. I went to Saka Bistro because I saw it at my friends’ IG. The place looked awesome. That’s why when I went to Bandung, I told my hubby to take me there.  It’s easy to find the place. It’s not far from Rumah Mode. Located before gas station. Just turn left before the gas station, and you will find the place on the right.


And I was stunned. The place was really fantastic and adorable. My camera instantly fell in love with the place. She couldn’t stop taking pictures hahaha yup my camera is a “she” 🙂 Please enjoy my pictures 😀

IMG_2373 IMG_2368 IMG_2369 IMG_2374 IMG_2375 IMG_2379 IMG_2382 IMG_2383

The Menu


Calamari 47.5k

Deep fried calamari with tartar or chilli sauce.

The deep fried calamari was crunchy with a light taste and a bit of chewy. Should eat it while still warm and crispy. If it’s too chewy, it means it was overcooked. Calamari should be tender and only a little bit chewy. Still, it must be easy to bite. It was delicious. Just perfect for my taste bud.


Fried Stuffed Mushroom 32k

Deep fried mushroom served with tartar sauce.

I love the deep fried mushroom. The texture was just perfect. Tasted delicious. The outsides were nice and crispy and they fried up quite nicely, and the mushroom was juicy and will melt your heart away. Dip it into the tartar sauce and you will forget about everything. Recommended.


Jyu Jyu Steak 128.5k

Japanese style sliced beef with sauted veggies. Served on hot stones.

Actually, some foodies suggested me this menu. They said it’s super duper delicious. So, for lunch, I ordered this main course. Well, it’s delicious, but not super delicious. Sorry to say. I think I prefer order something else, like Chicken Cordon Bleu. Err, maybe next visit. But, it’s unique because served on hot stones. And they gave a generous beef. But, still, not super duper delicious. Just, delicious. And good thing it came with rice, because the beef too salty for me. 🙂 But overall, it’s nice to eat tender beef with warm rice. *big grin*


Iced Berry Lychee Tea 22k

Refreshing!! Sweet and very fresh. Such a thirst-quenching drink. 🙂


Cafe Latte 30k

Actually, I came to Saka Bistro for their art latte. The man behind the gun is Mas Tan2. You can follow his IG: @tan2_sakabistro 🙂 At that time, I asked him to draw my logo [special made by my bestie @syanagawa] on top of the cafe latte. And he did it!! Yaaaay. So cute and adorable, just like me lalalalala..

IMG_2406 IMG_2412 IMG_2429 IMG_2437

Hot Chocolate 28k

For my hot chocolate, I wanted a 3D art latte. So I asked Mas Tan2 to draw my favourite robot cat in the world, Doraemon. And the Doraemon 3D made my day just perfect. So cute I wanted to take it home LOL. As you can see below, it’s a 3D Doraemon, takes its bubble bath. Cuteness overload!!!

IMG_2440 IMG_2444 IMG_2446

Thanks Saka Bistro & Bar. Thanks Mas Tan2. I had such a great time. I surely will come back again and again to Saka. Such a nice place to spend day and nite with your loved ones. See you soon!!!

Saka Bistro & Bar
Jl. Karang Sari
Sukajadi, Bandung 40161
Phone: 022-61707340
IG: @sakabarbistro

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