Dapur Tian Makassar Cuisine Gedong Panjang Jakarta

April 11th, 2015. I went to Dapur Tian with my best friends. Last year I went to Dapur Tian twice. First time for tasting their food, second time when they had their opening on September 21st, 2014. So, it’s our third time ūüôā I put the picture of their opening with the previous banner. But they already renewed the banner with yellow colour. It’s more eye-catching. I will update the banner later.


It’s located at Pejagalan area, it’s not far from Pluit. It’s 4 levels building, but only 2 levels they used as restaurant. Only level 1 and 2. The place was quite comfortable with open kitchen in first level.

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Coto Makassar

I rarely ate coto makassar. But I found this one to be¬†delicious with generous beef. Served with ketupat, it was ¬†very unique for me. I used to eat soup with rice, not ketupat ūüôā

Coto Makassar or Coto Mangkasara (Makassarese), is an Indonesian dish originating from Makassar, South Sulawesi. It is a stew with seasoning broth made from ground peanuts. The main ingredient of this soup is beef and it can be mixed with innards such as intestine, liver, lungs, heart, tripe, or cow brain. Coto Makassar is usually served with Burasa or Ketupat.

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Sop Pallu Basa

This was my first time trying Sop Pallu Basa. Heard a lot about it, but never tried, until now. This soup was almost similar with Coto Makassar. The difference was the broth. The broth¬†of Pallu Basa was a little bit thicker than Coto Makassar. It’s a traditional soup from Makassar too. There’s another way to eat this one, served it with egg yolk. Pretty, right?

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Nasi Campur

It’s another signature dish from Makassar. The nasi campur served¬†with telur balado,¬†daging empal, abon sapi, acar timun, and a small bowl of rawon. Tasted so good. And this was also the first time I ate nasi campur makassar. Thanks to Dapur Tian ūüôā

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I thought it will be like any other otak-otak. But tell you the truth, it’s very different. It’s really delicious with just the perfect taste and texture. I ate like crazy. Ask my buddies. Hahaha. Couldn’t stop. ūüėÄ

Otak-otak¬†is a grilled¬†fish cake¬†made of ground¬†fish meat¬†mixed with¬†tapioca¬†starch and spices.¬†It is widely known across¬†Southeast Asia, especially in¬†Indonesia,¬†Malaysia¬†and¬†Singapore, where it is traditionally served fresh, wrapped inside a¬†banana leaf, as well as in many Asian stores internationally ‚ÄĒ being sold as frozen food. It can be eaten solely as a snack or with¬†steamed rice¬†as part of a meal.

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Bakso Makassar

I guess this menu was popular too. I found a square meatball! Can you imagine? What a cute meatball. They also had bakso urat, bakso halus, and served the menu with burasa. The broth was a little bit spicy but tasted delicious.

Burasa or buras is a type of rice dumpling cooked with coconut milk packed inside a banana leaf pouch. It is a delicacy of the Bugis and Makassarpeople of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, and often consumed as a staple to replace steamed rice or ketupat. It is similar to lontong, but with richer flavour acquired from coconut milk.

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Ikan Bandeng Bakar

Whoaaaaa.. best ikan bandeng bakar ever.. It looked very spicy, but it was very appetizing. No wonder the dish became their best seller. The fish was tender and tasty. Spicy but well-seasoned. Most recommended.

IMG_2632 IMG_2634

Pallu Mara

Another signature dish and I think will be best seller here. It was so delicious. The soup was combination between sour and sweet. It was beyond compare!! The fish was tender and very tasty. But be careful with the fishbone ūüôā

IMG_3045 IMG_3053

Es Pisang Ijo

Best es pisang ijo ever! The main ingredient was, of course, banana. The banana was wrapped with a green coloured flour. That’s why it’s called pisang ijo. The other ingredients were bubur sumsum, shaved ice and syrup. It was very addicting. We ate 2 portions. Wow, right? The syrup was very delicious. I’m drooling now, while writing about it.


Es Pallu Butung

It’s similar with es pisang ijo. The difference was only the banana. The banana wasn’t in a wrap. And still, I was in love with the syrup. It was really fantastic. A syrup could give an ice a change of perception. I always thought ice like that was just like an ordinary ice. But the syrup changed my point of view. This Es Pallu Butung was very delicious!


Es Campur / Sop Buah

Say no more! I gave up. The syrup was similar with the es pisang ijo and es pallu butung. The ingredients were shaved ice, syrup, and fruits with grass jelly and cendol ūüôā So delicious to eat the dish in a hot weather. Lovely dessert.


Es Markisa

Es Markisa was quite famous in Makassar.¬†It’s so refreshing. Such thirst-quenching. It was a hot day, and we were so tired after eating so many kind of food. Sweet and fresh. What a great combination.

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Thanks Dapur Tian for the food. They were all delicious and I am craving now. Definitely will come back again.

Dapur Tian
Jl. Gedong Panjang Raya No. 9A
Pekojan, Tambora
Phone: 021-6905705
IG: @DapurTian