Nomz Kitchen and Pastry Grand Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

January 10th, 2015. I went to Nomz twice. First time I went there to join their new Nomz asian-inspired brunch. I was one of the winners for their IG competition. My friend and I walked in to the place, but they hadn’t prepare the table. So, we waited until the table was ready to be seated. Then they introduced us to Chef Arnold. We waited for the other winners.

Serving Contemporary Food with Asian Inspired Taste, Led by Chef Arnold Poernomo and Pastry Chef Kim Pangestu.

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Nomz is located at Ground Floor, Grand Indonesia East Mall. You just drop by at East Mall Lobby, then walk throughout Central Department Store. After you’re outside Central, you just go straight, you will see Nomz on the left. I love their wall. It looked rustic. As you can see, the place captivated me at once. I fell in love with them right away. Let me show you around 🙂

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The Menu


Braised pork belly with sunny side up, pickled carrot, cucumber, coriander, sambal and sourdough 85k

I love the pork belly, but too bad the sunny side up was burnt. It tasted so good but not good enough to excuse the burnt egg. Well maybe for others, it’s not a big deal. But I love sunny side up. And if is tasted too bitter, I couldn’t enjoy it. Thank goodness it’s not mine lalalalala..


Scrambled eggs with grilled prawn, sourdough, Asian greens and Balinese dressing 85k

Love the scrambled eggs!!! It was delicious. The texture was tender and soft. But the subtle flavour of the grilled prawn was the real winner. It was fresh and delightful 🙂 The prawn’s texture was very juicy. And the combination between the scrambled eggs and the grilled prawn was fantastic. Must-try.


Orange Juice 65k

Tasted like any other orange juice LOL


At the end of the brunch, we took photos with Chef Arnold. Then we went back to our table. We sat and waited. After several minutes we thought that we should go, but it’s not polite to just go without say goodbye. The place was so crowded, I had to find their marcomm to ask what we should do next. LOL. And she said, “Oh, it’s fine. The event is over.” Then she came to our table and said sorry because she’s very busy, she forgot to say goodbye to us hahahaha. So that’s the end of our brunch at Nomz.

20th January 2015. Everybody talked about Nomz’s desserts. So I thought, “I must come back for their desserts!!” That’s why when a friend of mine asked me to accompany her to Nomz, I said, “Let’s go!!” 🙂

IMG_9088 IMG_9086

Rasp Be Merry 45k

It’s cute with shape like a donut and a very sour flavour. Yup, for me, it’s too sour. The salted caramel flavour wasn’t strong at all.  I loved the texture, though. But I prefer the sweet treat. Thank goodness, my friend was into this one and she’s very happy to finish it. 😀


Urban Geisha 48k

So creamy, so milky. Ugh, drooling, right? LOL. It’s vanilla mousse with green tea flavour and crunchy nuts behind those pretty presentation. Actually, I’ve seen the pictures first on Instagram. That’s why I told myself, “I need to try this one. It looks so pretty and delicious!!”


Thank you Nomz for the lovely desserts. Surely will be back for more. 🙂 Keep nomnomnomz!!!

Nomz Kitchen and Pastry
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
East Mall Ground Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Phone: 021-23581211
IG: @nomzjakarta