[BANDUNG] Sweet Home Cafe and Resto Dr Setiabudi Bandung

March 27th, 2015. With full tummy, we went straight to Sweet Home Cafe and Resto. Located at Jalan Dr. Setiabudi, it was very easy to find because it’s near Borma Supermarket. We just parked our car at Borma, then walking to the place. My first impression: what a lovely place to visit!!! We walked right to level 2. Such a nice place 🙂


Established on February 15, 2014, Sweet Home Café & Resto aim to brighten and enrich the culinary experience in Bandung. We are located at Jalan Dokter Setiabudi 148 Bandung, one of the busiest streets in Bandung.
Suited with our name, Sweet Home Café & Resto deliver you a comfortable, warm, and cozy space; reminding you of a safe, peaceful, and loving state of mind.
We cook healthy, elegant, and delicious foods, reminiscent of classic and nostalgic mothers’ foods.
We promise that you will find a memorable experience of coming back home, a place you always miss, that you will come back to our place over and over again.

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I really love how they decorated the place. It was fantastic! Love every single details there. The teddy bears were very cute. Aaaaaak.. They had lots of Sylvanian Families displays!! OMG!!! They’re so cute, I wanna steal them all 🙂 They were very expensive, btw. I wanna cry!!!

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The Menu


Choco Orange 20k

It’s my hubby’s order. He really liked it. Actually a combination between chocolate and orange was his favourite. He looked very happy when he sipped the drink. He said, “Whoaaaa.. delicious.” And, I just smiled. He looked like a kid with candy. 😀


Deep Purple 15k

I was in love with this drink. Look at the colours. It’s very beautiful. I took many pictures of it. Could not get enough. It’s also had popping bubbles. Ugh I love popping bubbles. It made funny sensation in my mouth every time the bubble pops.


Classic Cheese Rich Cake 16k

They said this was their best-seller. Their signature. The best. That’s why I ordered it. Tasted delicious, but it’s not my favourite. Too much cheese. So, I just ate a couple bite, then I had my hubby to finish it 🙂


For those who wanna try new place in Bandung, I really recommend this cafe and resto. Pretty place with affordable price.

Sweet Home Cafe and Resto
Jl. Doktor Setiabudi 148
Bandung 40153
Phone: 022-2041300
IG: @sweethome148