[BANDUNG] Puri Bambu Sindang Sirna Bandung

March 27th, 2015. Everytime I go to Bandung, it a must for me to  have lunch at Puri Bambu. Located at Jalan Sindang Sirna, it was easy to find. It’s not far from Rumah Mode. Just go straight until T-intersection, turn left, then you see a crossroad, you just go straight. You will find Puri Bambu on the right. Woohoo..


This was my umpteenth time there. The place still looked the same. Not too spacious but quite comfortable. Actually, this place was our favourite place to have lunch because they served pork. Yup, pork. Our favourite 😀 So, are you crazy about pork? Wait no more! Just visit this place 🙂

IMG_2112 IMG_2087 IMG_2085 IMG_2084

Now let’s explore the menus 🙂


Bakut Sayur Asin 30k

My hubby thought it’s bakuteh, but it’s not. It’s bakut sayur asin, like my mom used to make for me and my siblings. Bakut is a hokkian language. Ba (肉) means meat. Kut (骨) means bone. So it’s a bone with meat 🙂 The meat was tender and the broth was very well-seasoned. It’s one of my favourites at Puri Bambu. Recommended.


Sate Babi (10 skewers) 55k

This was a must-order menu there. The pork skewers were tender and delicious. Best pork satay ever!!! And when I posted it in my IG, a friend of mine shouted: “Not expensive!!!” LOL. Very recommended, right?


Tahu Pletok 10k

This was my hubby’s favourite. It was a nice treat after porky porky dishes. Just a light snack to accompany all of the main courses. Also recommended!


Cannot wait to come back to this place again. Btw, if you lucky, you can order their Es Mangga. It was sweet and refreshing!

Puri Bambu
Jl. Sindang Sirna No. 14
Phone: 022-2040143