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February 7th, 2015. I went to Bakerzin with my buddies. We met fellow foodies there. Actually I was in love with Bakerzin since I tried their Baileys Souffle. And it’s my 3rd time at their Plaza Senayan outlet since their new dessert bar concept.


Bakerzin is a casual dining cafeteria specialising in decadently delicious desserts. Serves a range of fabulous bakery recipes and succulent meals to indulge oneself in. Eating out at Bakerzin is at casual dining sensation that can’t be matched anywhere else.

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The Menu

I noticed that they have new menu book. It’s very pretty with lovely pictures. So elegant.



Mushroom Meat Balls 50k

Deep fried button mushroom filled with minced beef.

Someone recommended this for me. So I chose this one. And, true, it’s delicious. The mushroom and the minced beef were complimenting each other. Dip it in the sauce, put it in your mouth, you won’t share your mushroom meat balls.


Calamari Tower 50k

Deep fried stack of crispy calamari.

I wondered why I didn’t see a tower here. Maybe they need to change the name, or change the presentation. The texture of this calamari was just perfect. Calamari wasn’t my favourite. So I just tried one or two.


Vegetable Quesadillas 50k

A mixture of creamy mushroom, spinach and tomato vinaigrette.

Not a fan of vegetables. Used to love veggies, but nowadays I was a little bit picky. Like I said, got bored. I remember my mom always said that I was a goat because I liked vegetables just like a goat like grass. 🙂 Anyway, this quesadilla was delicious for those who love quesadillas. The creamy mushroom and spinach were tasty.



Roast Beef Pasta 80k

Spaghetti in basil cream sauce and tender sliced of roast beef.

Spicy. That’s all I could taste. And I don’t even like spicy food. This was not mine. I just tried a bit. Funny thing, the basil cream sauce wasn’t that creamy. As you can see, it’s just basil sauce, not creamy at all. I only loved the roast beef. It’s tender and juicy.


Mushroom Picase 80k

Spaghetti served with champignon mushrooms, parmesan cheese and poached egg.

When the dish arrived at my table, I was very skeptical. Very skeptical. And after I tried, I knew I was right!!! It was tasteless. Sorry to say, but it was. The poached egg, the spinach, the mushrooms tasted bland. Even the parmesan cheese wasn’t as tasty as I hoped. *sobbing* I need more flavours!!! Btw, I told them that day, so I hope that they have improved it already.



Black Olive Fried Rice 80k

An extraordinary fried rice cooked with black olive pesto and pan-seared salmon.

So far, I think this was the one with flavour. Too bad I didn’t really like the taste of black olive. But, the pan-seared salmon was definitely perfect for my palate. It was tender and juicy. 🙂


Thanks Mr Adriantomo and Bakerzin for the invitation.

Plaza Senayan
2nd Floor, Unit 209C, 211C, 213C
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Phone: 021-57900408
IG: @bakerzinjkt

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