RoCA Restaurant and Bar ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta

March 14th, 2015. I finally had the chance to try RoCA Restaurant and Bar at ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta. I heard about ARTOTEL when they had their Grand Opening in October 2014. When I saw the hotel for the first time, I thought, “Wow, what an artistic hotel. The facade was cool.” Before I went to RoCA, they invited me to BART (Bar at The Roof Top). I loved BART. It was very cool and a nice place to hang out with my buddies. And their cocktails were fantastic. I didn’t take pictures because it was too dark. So, next time I will come in daylight so I can take pictures at BART. Now, I just wanna talk about RoCa. Okay? Okay!

ARTOTEL is an art inspired urban boutique hotel. Featuring original design by talented young Indonesian contemporary artist, ARTOTEL offers a fresh twist to every visit. With a powerful combination of top notch art from some of this country’s emerging artists and best-in-class service delivered by a talented hospitality team. ARTOTEL offers a hotel experience like no other.


RoCA was located near their Front Office. It was on lobby level. The restaurant wasn’t so spacious, but we can say it was comfortable enough for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It was cozy. They have smoking area too. Beautiful flowers were everywhere. I think I’m in love with the hotel.

IMG_1607 IMG_1608 IMG_1609 IMG_1610 IMG_1611 IMG_1616 IMG_1615

Now, it’s time for lunch yaaaaay..



Spicy Asian Salad with Prawn 58k

Ah, I love the presentation. It was combination between green and red. Yup, another Christmas colour dish. It’s very beautiful. But too bad it’s too spicy and too sour for me. I have no idea why Asian people love spicy food LOL. Btw the prawn was not as juicy as I hoped. I think it’s a little overcooked. Not to mention the spiciness. Ugh, really not my kind of salad. It’s delicious indeed, but only for those who love spicy salad. *wink wink*

IMG_1623 IMG_1622


Spicy Turkey Sandwich 58k

It was really appetizing. I was told that the bread was croissant. Wow, no wonder it was so crispy and flaky with beyond compare texture. Served with salad and french fries, this turkey sandwich was a perfect dish to eat as a snack while chit chatting with your buddies or your partner. The turkey was well-seasoned with tender and juicy texture. Recommended.

IMG_1649 IMG_1648


Crab Garlic Noodle 89k

I was so happy that finally I could taste a dish as delicious as this one. The crab was crunchy and easy to eat. Sometimes when you read crab on the menu, you must think, “hard shell, not easy to eat, mess up table, etc..” But not with this one. It’s so delicious and easy to eat, you will come back inain for this one. I think it was everybody’s favourite.. *eat crab and your hand still clean..* LOL.. Oh btw, the noodle was fantastic. Perfect texture.

IMG_1644 IMG_1645

Orange Chicken Rice Sweet and Sour Sauce 42k

Rice! Finally! The one that I couldn’t resist! 🙂 Actually orange chicken was my hubby’s favourite. I never thought orange chicken as a must-try dish. I was suspicious when the dish arrived. It had a nice fragrance and made me wanna drool. Can you imagine? Me? Drooling for orange chicken? Suspicious, right? Although, drooling is the bad habit that I cannot remove from myself LOL.. Funny thing is, I would recommend this one for you. The best orange chicken I’ve ever tried. Tips from me: eat the rice and the orange chicken together, you will get a perfect taste.

IMG_1641 IMG_1642


Banana Foster 45k

Love the banana foster. It was banana with croissant and caramel and nutmeg and cinnamon and so on and so on. It was sweet and lovely. The banana was soft and moist. Combine with ice cream, it was fantastic! I enjoyed the banana foster. No need to think at all. Just took a spoonful, put it in my mouth, and munched it with joy and happiness. *big grin*

IMG_1652 IMG_1654


Orange 38k

It was fresh and typical orange juice. Combination of a little bit sweet and a little bit sour. Thirst-quenching? Of course. Put it in the fridge and you’ll get a very refreshing juice. I myself love cold juice.



Hospital Hater 48k

It was a blend of broccoli, lime, and pineapple. Can you imagine the taste? Some people will like it. Err, my buddy did hihihi.. But, hahaha, not me. I know it must be perfect for “hospital hater,” but I never liked healthy drinks. So I guess, “no, thank you?” LOL.


Pretty Cinderella 48k

I was in love with this mocktail. Just one look, and my heart melted. It was beautiful with the orange and reddish or purplish colours. This mocktail consists of  lime juice, orange, pineapple and grenadine syrup. Sweet and sour mixed splendidly. Perfect for my taste bud. Recommended!!


RoCA, you really did a great job for my tummy. Definitely will come back again for more. Thank you for your hospitality. See you soon. 🙂

RoCA Restaurant and Bar
Artotel Thamrin Jakarta
Ground Floor
Jl. Sunda No. 3
Thamrin, Jakarta
Phone: 021-31925888
IG: @ilove_artotel