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November 27th, 2014. I went to Kemang Area for some thing. Then as usual my best buddies asked me to arrange a meeting. Fun meeting, of course. I remember a couple days ago I read about a place called Lobbyn in Fave Hotel. So, why don’t we try the place? I invited them to come to Lobbyn, met me there 🙂


The place wasn’t really spacious, but comfortable enough for hang out with buddies. Dim light, but you can see bright light from outside. Actually we tried to find a place to work our blog. But, unfortunately, this place was nicer to do our chit chat hahaha.. So, you can be sure that we didn’t open our notebook at all. 😀

IMG_6880 IMG_6881 IMG_6882

Let’s see our orders!!


Ice Tea 27k

It’s a hot day, so I ordered ice tea. Not a cheap one for that small glass. But, it’s hot day. So, yeah, I kept ordering it 🙂



Pizza Mixed Lobbyn Style 45.5k

The pizza ya.. hmmm.. the dough.. it’s not homemade, I guess. Hmm.. I couldn’t say it’s not delicious. But, it’s not super delicious either. For hungry tummy, it’s nice laaaa.. hihihihi.. but if you want a savoury pizza with finger-licking taste, it’s not my recommendation. Lalalalala..


Siomay Bandung 35.5k

Waaaaa, I really like this siomay. Surprisingly very good. The meat, the potato, the egg, they were flattering each other. I remembered that night, the three of us ate this siomay with happy face and happy tummy 🙂



Oxtail Soup 79.9k

Indonesian oxtail soup with tomato, potato and carrot served with steamed rice.

This one was my order. And I love it. It’s a very very generous portion. I was stunned with the huge size of the beef oxtail. It was also tender, juicy, soft and well-seasoned. The soup was perfectly tasty. Recommended.


Nasi Timbel Parahiyangan 45.5k

Special west java rice with beef, tofu, salty fish and sour soup.

The nasi timbel tasted pretty decent. Savoury and well-seasoned. The beef was tasty but too small. I prefer bigger one. Btw, the sour soup was not fresh. It’s like yesterday’s soup. We told the server there, and he politely said sorry. Nice, right?


Ayam Goreng Kalasan 55.5k

Kalasan fried chicken served with steamed rice, vegetables and hot sauce.

The fried chicken was perfectly cooked. The skin had this lovely crisp. Ah, love it. Ate it with steamed rice, superb! Too bad, it’s not as sweet as I hope. Kalasan fried chicken should be super sweet hahaha.. Next time I will ask for the sweet chicken 😀

IMG_6932 IMG_6931


Panna Cota 30.5k

Wiggling jiggling. Hahaha. And my two silly bestest friends were laughing like crazy all the time looking at the wiggling jiggling panna cota zz zz zz.. I have no idea what’s on their minds *big grin* Ok, back to the panna cota. It was sweet and smooth indeed, but the texture was more like pudding than panna cota. Wiggling jiggling pudding.


Creme Brulle 30.5k

Tasted delicious but it’s lacking caramel on top. Before went to Lobbyn, I tried another creme brûlée from other place, and I missed the sweet crunchy on top of this one. But, fortunately the texture was nice. It was smooth, silky and perfectly sweet.


Banana Split 30.5k

I love banana, I love ice cream. So, what could go wrong with banana split? Nada!! It’s cold, it’s sweet, it melts in my mouth. Ah, craving for more 😀 I used to eat banana split when I was a child. Then, the fun suddenly disappeared as I grew up. Until now. It’s fun again to eat banana split with besties. 🙂


It’s really nice to know this place. Thanks besties for your company that night. Should do that more often 🙂

Lobbyn Kitchen and Bar
Fave Hotel
Jl. Kemang 1 No. 6
Kemang, Jakarta
Phone: 021-29529042
FB Fan Page: Lobbyn Kitchen and Bar
twitter: @LobbynBar

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