Casadina Kitchen and Bakery Rasuna Epicentrum Kuningan Jakarta

January 16th, 2015. I went to Casadina. Located near my apartment, I heard about this place a couple months ago. And I thought, “I have to go there, soon.” And voila, I was there.

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The place was like a hidden gem in the city. It’s very near my place, but I never had chance to go there. So, one day, I wasn’t in a good condition to go far away, but I didn’t wanna stay at home. So, I thought, “Why don’t I go to Casadina, and try the place?” Ok, so, voila.. hahahaha.. I have to walk around a pool to go to front door 🙂 The place is quite big for having some gathering with friends or birthday party with besties.

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Now, the menu lalalalala



English Breakfast 25k

Always love english breakfast tea. Actually, it’s a black tea. And first, it was only “breakfast tea” until a tea house in London began adding “English” to the name, and it became and remains one of the most popular teas in England. I always order this English Breakfast because I love the flavour (not too strong for a tea) and I adore the name. It’s so cute to have english breakfast in every single meal I had. For lunch and dinner, what will I order? English breakfast. Cute aight? 😀



Egg Benedict (Beef Bacon) 50k

Homemade English Muffin, topped with Poached Egg, and Hollandaise Sauce.

Everytime I saw an egg benedict in a restaurant menu, I always had this urge to order it. So yes, I ordered this Egg Benedict with Beef Bacon. Hmm.. the english muffin was soft, the egg benedict was smooth and perfectly half-cooked, and the hollandaise sauce was tasty. Hmm.. I believe every dish had a weakness.. So, what’s the weakness in this one? The hollandaise sauce wasn’t much enough for me. I need more sauce 😀 Yup, that’s the weakness. Well, maybe I should ask for it personally next time lalalalala..

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Soto Padang 48k

Famous Hearty Beef Soup from Sumatera, with Potato cake and Steam Rice.

After some egg benedict, I still needed rice for my tummy. And because I wasn’t in a good condition, I prefer something with broth or soup or any kind of them. Soooo I chose Soto Padang! And I was happy. It’s delicious with tender beef. Although I think I didn’t get the potato cake. Hmm.. where was it? Ok next time I should ask for the potato cake. I was not feeling well, so I didn’t have the power to ask #biggrin

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Peanut Marble Cake 30k

OMG! Layers of chocolate cream, chocolate ganache and peanut butter. OMG! I couldn’t stop. It’s sweet, nutty, tender, moist, delicious. I planned to eat small bite, then I wanted to take away the rest of it. But, too bad, it’s so delicious I couldn’t let go of it. Keep digging the cake. Keep digging. Until it’s finished. LOL.

IMG_9543 IMG_9541 IMG_9552

Ok it’s time for me to go home. I wanted to go to other place, but my tummy was too full. So, better I went home. Sleeping and resting my body after a big happy meal. Definitely will come back again. I wanna have lunch or dinner with my besties there. Definitely.

Casadina Kitchen and Bakery
Apartemen Taman Rasuna Tower 17
Epicentrum Kuningan
Phone: 021-83796855
FB Fan Page: Casadina
twitter: @Casadina_jkt



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