Coffee Institute Gunawarman Senopati Jakarta

November 26th, 2014. I went to Coffee Institute for the first time. I read somewhere that this place was quite nice to have some “me time” before I meet my friends. That’s why I thought, I should try this place. Maybe someday I can recommend this place to my best buddies to hang out with them. The place is divided into 2 levels. Downstair and upstair.

IMG_6773 IMG_6774

Level 1

On level 1, the place was very comfortable. But not spacious. In the afternoon, it was very bright. Really a nice place to do the blogging things. The people there told me that level 2 was less bright than level 1. That’s why I chose to sit at level 1. One complaint from me: the toilet is in level 2. *sigh*

IMG_6772 IMG_6776

Level 2

I went to level 2, only for my curiosity. Yup, the dim light will make me wanna sleep than working my blog hahaha. It’s nice to sit there with my lovely friends only for chit chat or just enjoy the moment. Not for working. 🙂

IMG_6785 IMG_6787 IMG_6789 IMG_6790

On the way down to level 1, I saw these words on the steps. Nice quote!


Now, let’s order..


English Breakfast Tea 25k

It’s good for my tummy. And it’s free refill hihihihi.. Yaaaaay for refill hot tea 😀


Lychee Tea 28k

Sometimes, I need a cold beverage only for satisfying my tongue. LOL. Well, actually, I just wanna try their lychee tea. And it’s so good I wanna cry hahahaha.. It’s cold and sweet. Aaaah, what a nice treat after drinking hot tea 😀

IMG_6802 IMG_6803

Omelette 30k

Whoaaaa.. blogging made me hungry.. I need to eat.. LOL. That’s why I ordered omelette. I thought it’s small. Turned out, it’s so big I couldn’t finish it at once. So, I ate in a second. hahaha.. The omelette was tasty and savoury. Love it. Recommended for my tummy of course 🙂


Nice to know about this place. I will come again to try another dish. A nice place to do blogging while waiting for my best buddies. 🙂

Coffee Institute
Jl. Gunawarman No. 71
Senopati, Jakarta
Phone: 021-7250750
FB Fan Page: Coffee Institute
twitter: @CoffeeIns


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