Amber Chocolate Bar Senopati Jakarta

December 28th, 2014. I went to Senopati area to get some gift vouchers from a Japanese restaurant around there. After that, we tried to find a place to have lunch. My hubby spotted flowers in front of Amber and decided to try the place. I said to him that this place is a new one, and it was their opening day. He was very excited. LOL


First, let me tell you about Amber.

Amber is a concept of wonder, established upon creative passion and a string of delectable ideas. The journey started 17 years ago upon the premise of passion and dedication towards the art of pastry. Scrumptious cakes, delightful cookies, and vast range of delightful sweets are at the main stage here at Amber. Multi-layered details, wonderful presentation, and most importantly, deeply decadent taste defines Amber’s passionate approach towards heavenly perfection.

When I stepped in, I felt like a princess in a candy land. Wooooow, so pretty and beautiful and cute and any other lovely words. They had elevator, so I went to level 2 by elevator. Level 2 was a little bit darker. The ambiance was sophisticated. Then after having lunch there, I went to level 3, and it’s stunning! Love the rooftop. Amazing! I was speechless. And yes, they have 3 levels in the building. I will show you the pictures of them. Each one of them. Please enjoy..

First level, Pastry Boutique

Enter the wondrous pastry boutique and experience the shades of a space that quarters the delightful sweets of Amber.

It’s beautiful, right? I love their seats. Colourful. The place is so colourful. And you can see the hand bag they use for packaging the assorted pralines or macarons. It’s so classy, and yes, expensive. But I can assure you, you wanna stay there as long as you can. The place is so adorable!

IMG_8164 IMG_8168 IMG_8170 IMG_8176 IMG_8171 IMG_8166 IMG_8165

Second level, Library

Imagine being in a place, casual yet sumptuous, comfortable and bright, stuffed with books and wits. It’s the Amber Library. The concept possesses remarkable atmosphere that will keep you comfortable for hours on end. With delicious comfort food ready to please the palate, Amber Library will ensure an afternoon of indulgence.

This was the place that I chose to have lunch. I thought it was more proper to eat main course there than at first level. It’s a little bit more sophisticated with many books. Yup, they have library theme for second level. Nice touch. But still, I didn’t wanna read there. I wanna eat. LOL.

IMG_8154 IMG_8159 IMG_8153 IMG_8160 IMG_8161

Third level, Sky Rooftop

A marvelous bar concept with 360 degree view. There’s not much to say here but to see it to believe it. A stunningly luxurious marble bar located at the center eager to please the evening crowd. Overlooking the night sky and surroundings with sips of that refreshingly tasty cocktail made possible through glass walls and roof. Amber Chocolate Bar is one of a kind experience that no soul should miss.

One word. Superb! Too bad it was still closed. But I knew from the first time I went there, it will be stunning. The place was so gorgeous. I could see 360 degree view above the level. Yup, we still have to take stair to see the breathtaking view. I knew it will be gorgeous at night. Huft. Should go there, soon!!!

IMG_8235 IMG_8236 IMG_8234 IMG_8249 IMG_8242 IMG_8245 IMG_8244

Now, shall we order?

IMG_8147 IMG_8148

Complimentary Bread

Tasted good and well-baked. And.. I love the butter. Everything with butter was delicious LOL

IMG_8186 IMG_8189


All main courses will be serve with Paris mashed

It’s mashed potato, but with three times filtered. It’s so tender and delicate. One of the best. Remember I’ve said before that to know a good chef make sure he or she can make a delicious mashed potato. A simple dish, indeed, but a perfect mashed potato will make your main course flawless.

IMG_8207 IMG_8209

Roasted Chicken 105k

Baby Corn, Pineapple and Curry

SUPER RECOMMENDED!!! Errr.. sorry, I accidentally press capslock LOL. But, trust me, it’s the best roasted chicken I’ve ever had, so far. The chicken meat was so tender and juicy. The curry sauce was superb. I guess I will come back for this dish.

IMG_8195 IMG_8197 IMG_8198

Sous Vide Whole Quail 135k

Red Cabbage, Berry and Chocolate

Actually, my hubby ordered 13 Hours Pork Belly. But, turned out, they served us Sous Vide Whole Quail. And I only tried a very small bite, so I didn’t realize they gave us the wrong dish. *sigh* The unique thing about this dish was the chocolate sauce they used to escort the quail. My hubby didn’t like it hahaha.. He said that the meat was tender, but the chocolate sauce tasted funny. Actually I suspected something. My dish (chicken roasted) was softer than the “pork belly.” But I guess, they just had a different way to cook the “pork belly” LOL. Ok, shame on you, Yenny. You should asked them right away when you had suspicion. Lesson learned. Funny thing, every time I said, “Pork Belly” nobody corrected my errors. *sigh* And, I never ate quail, so.. yeah, I thought they just cooked the pork wrongly. It could be a molecular gastronomy cooking, right? 😀

IMG_8203 IMG_8202 IMG_8204


Iced Tea 30k

They served the tea in a bottle. And the iced tea was fresh.


Lychee Iced Tea 35k

Iced Tea, Lychee Fruit

As usual, lychee iced tea never disappoints.



Chocolate Salt Caramel Pie 40k

Scrumptious! It was so moist and melt in my mouth, literally. Salty and sweet, dancing in my mouth. Say no more to this pie. Recommended!!!


Macaron 15k

Pistachio, Raspberry and Hazelnut

The macarons were not too sweet. And the texture was very soft. I love all of them. The pistachio, raspberry and hazelnut. But the best was hazelnut. Sweet and very chocolaty. Love it.


I’m so in love with their place I think I will come back again for the 13 Hours Pork Belly that I didn’t have a chance to try. Hope they didn’t give me another wrong dish. *sigh* Anyway, congratulations Amber for your opening store. bonne chance. je vous souhaite le meilleur.

Amber Chocolate and Bar
Jl. Senopati Raya 61
Jakarta 12190
Phone: 021-29044412
FB Fan Page: Amber Chocolate Bar
twitter: @amberchocolates


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